My Neutral MAC Palette (& an American Horror Story: Coven ramble)

It's taken me years to build this beauty up to 12 shadows that I love.

It’s taken me years to build this baby up to 12 shadows that I love.

My MAC palette is a staple in my makeup collection, and actually holds some of my favourite shadows of all-time.

The palette itself costs $10, while the divider to hold the pans costs $2. Each shadow in just a pan costs $12. It’s nice because you get to save a bit as opposed to buying shadows in the little plastic pot, although of course you can do that and depot the shadows to put in your pro palette.

Here’s a breakdown of my thoughts on each shadow:

Swatches for Patina to Woodwinked

Patina is a Frost finish. It’s sort of a light antique-y gold that’s very close to my skin tone, but a bit brighter. This is my all-time favourite MAC shadow…seriously. It’s just such a flattering shade. If I don’t feel like thinking about what shadow to put on but still want to look like I’m alive and awake and put effort into my appearance, this is the one I reach for. I’ll use this just all over the lid by itself, or blend something like Espresso into the crease. This shadow is my absolute favourite, so mine has quite the dip in it!

Satin Taupe is another Frost. I don’t think it looks like a true taupe at all; to me it looks more like a beige-y purple. This is a close second for favourite shadow. It’s a really pretty and unique shade and, as is to be expected, this colour gets a lot of attention in the blogosphere. On someone with darker skin like mine, it’s a great all-over-the-lid colour. On someone lighter, it could go all over the lid or in the crease (perhaps over something like Patina) for some added definition. It’s super versatile. The Meryl Streep of eyeshadow.

All That Glitters is another super famous shade. It’s a Veluxe Pearl, and is a peachy gold-based pink shimmer. This is brighter and shimmerier than Patina. It’s another one that would be really flattering on a variety of skin tones. It’s famous for a reason – it’s really lovely!

Soft Brown is a Matte. It’s a true, soft peach. On me, it’s the perfect way to brighten eyes if I don’t want to go for shimmer. I use it all over the lid with something like Espresso or Brun in the crease. When I do this, I find I can create a nice shape with the shadow (like a really accentuated outer-V area) without shimmer distracting from the shape of it. When I’m feeling dramatic and artsy or just don’t feel like shimmer, I reach for this!

Cork is a Satin finish, and is pretty much dead-on my skin tone. As such, it’s probably the least exciting eyeshadow in my palette, but it’s one that I use every single day I wear eyeshadow. I use it to blend colours out in the crease and just generally soften edges. On someone lighter, this would be a really nice crease colour. But I’d recommend everyone have a colour like this: one that’s almost matte and close to your skin colour. It’s handy!

Woodwinked is Veluxe Pearl. It’s a darkened, bronze-y gold colour. I really like this for a darker, more dramatic eye, but I don’t wear it all that often. Still, I like it, and I got it for free in my latest Back to MAC!

Swatches for Espresso to Print

Espresso is a basic neutral Matte dark brown. I love this in the crease when I wear Soft Brown or Patina. Although this particular shade might be a bit dark for some very light skin tones, I’d recommend everyone have a very basic dark brown in their arsenal. It’s versatile and nice to have!

Brun is a Satin finish, but it really transfers quite matte. It’s a very cool-toned brown that looks almost grey on my skin. I don’t use this all that often, but I do like it paired with All That Glitters.

Embark is a very warm brown with a Matte finish. It’s very warm, almost purple-looking, and really nice for warming up the crease.

Twinks is a Veluxe Pearl. It’s very similar to Embark in tone, but really shimmery. I find that the colour payoff on this one isn’t too great; it was my first Veluxe Pearl, and I thought it was just this finish of shadow that had this problem, but I haven’t had issues with others. Nonetheless, it’s a really pretty colour. I like it all over the lid for a really easy look.

Tempting is a Lustre finish. It’s a really beautiful, glittery bronze. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually worn this one out of the house because, like most MAC Lustre shadows, it’s fallout city! I end up with glitter under my eyes and all down my cheeks. I know I could always do my concealer and foundation after my eyes when I use this, but most of the time I can’t be bothered and I can never get the glitter off my cheeks. I’ve yet to find a way to wear this without making a mess, but the colour is absolutely stunning!

Print is a Satin shadow. It’s a medium gray with the littlest bit of shimmer to it. I purchased this to wear with Patina, and they pair well together. It’s nice to just have a basic gray to pair with beiges or do lighter smokey eyes.

In terms of my organizational strategy, it’s a mixture of light-to-dark and most-used to least-used.

And that, friends, is my MAC palette! I have three little wells to fill. I’m thinking of getting a lighter highlight colour and perhaps a black to round things out, and I’ve been eyeing Cranberry as well.

You can start your own collection by visiting your local MAC counter or!

In other news, I watched last week’s American Horror Story: Coven (“Burn Witch Burn!”) and found it somewhat unsatisfying…


Having Fiona stumbling around hallucinating things was super confusing. It was sweet but slightly creepy when she resurrected the baby. All I could keep thinking was how freaked out that poor mother must have been that a spaced out Jessica Lange was making her talk to her dead baby…

Anyhow, I don’t understand what’s going on with Cordelia’s husband’s storyline. He’s a murdering/adultering mo’fo and now she knows because she got acid thrown in her face? That makes sense because…?

And the poor actress who plays Cordelia, her character always gets shafted (like in AHS: Asylum).

The zombie storyline was mercifully short-lived. In all the zombie close-ups, all I could keep thinking was that their special effects and makeup were nowhere near as good as The Walking Dead. I guess it’s understandable because AHS has to create all kinds of creepy stuff like zombies, witches, voodoo, minotaurs, abundant gore, etc while TWD only has to focus on zombies and grimy-looking people. It really isn’t a fair comparison…but still. Those zombies looked like something out of a Halloween shop.

I’m so happy that The Girl with the Deadly Vagina is manifesting more powers. I’d been hoping she would be the next Supreme because otherwise she really got ripped off in the power department. Now it looks like she is and I am relieved.

And of course Misty Day brought back Frizzy Red. Nobody can stay dead in that show…except maybe for Madison, who’s chillin’ in Spalding’s trunk with one arm less than she started with…

Also where is FrankenKyle?!

As usual, AHS left me with more questions than answers.



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