Review: Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm (& omg The Walking Dead)

Creme de Rose Box

So I feel like I should preface and justify this purchase. For as long as I can remember, I have been on the hunt for the ultimate, Holy-Grail-status lip balm. I’m big into lip balm and always have been, and gradually that search took me out of the drugstore and into the realm of higher end balms.

Dior Crème de Rose has been, in my mind, the crème de la crème of luxe lip balms, and with a $29 price tag, I was expecting big things. I had saved for this lip balm for a bit and then, on top of that, I used my Sephora VIB Sale discount to get 20% off – not a ton, but better than nothing, and knowing that I got a bit of a deal helps to ease the sting a bit.

Dior Creme de Rose

The balm itself has a pink tint to it, but it doesn’t show up on the lips. It’s heavily rose-scented, so if you’re not a fan of roses, it may not be for you. The packaging has a solid, luxe feel to it (as it should), and is embossed with CD on the lid. The fact that it is in a pot makes it somewhat unsanitary (what with the dipping of grubby fingers in there constantly) and impractical to carry around.

Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I was expecting this balm to make my lips baby-butt smooth. Maybe my lips are fussy (they are – I’d say 80% of lip balm make my lips peel like crazy). Whatever the case, I’ve been disappointed.

This balm just sits there, coating the surface of my lips while leaving the lower layers parched like a suburban lawn in the middle of a drought.

I’m sad because I really wanted to like this stuff… I’ll give it another week or two to prove itself, but if not, it’s gotta go back to Sephora – because really, a $30 lip balm better perform. And this one doesn’t.

Sigh. My Ultimate Lip Balm Quest continues!



I don’t even know where to start, man. I can’t.

I loved the parallel of all hell breaking loose in the quarantine cellblock and outside at the fence. I’m pleased that there was more zombie action in this episode – oh, was there ever! I get sick of psychological threats and the politics between two factions like last season. As great as all that stuff was, I think it’s important to just get back to good ol’ fashioned act-or-die, zombie vs. human situations sometimes. And we got some goooood zombie action this week.

Only thing is I hate that they didn’t pick up with the Carol storyline! They’re gonna make us wait to see what happens to her. That blows.

That little girl Lizzie or whatever is really dumb. Did she learn nothing from Carol? She needs to learn that zombies are not people and you need to end them.
I love that Maggie got to be a badass though. She saved pretty much everyone in the quarantine cellblock who survived this episode, and she was Rick’s right hand before she went to save them. She’s never been a character I was particularly fond of, but this episode brought her a little closer to my heart.

And then the Governor!! I almost forgot about him. I know he’s kind of a big deal and has a major-ish storyline, but I was so caught up in the sick people and the broken fence and the contagion that I forgot about the human threat. My theory is that he found a way to slip past the fence into the prison and has been feeding the zombies rats to bunch them up at the fence. It would explain the rats storyline, which hasn’t been resolved yet.

Gaah, I can’t wait until next week!




  1. That’s a bummer! 😦
    I have a suggestion though! I’ve never bought it, but from my sample of it and customer feedback from work, I recommend Nuxe’s Reve de Miel in the jar!! It smells sooo good and is super moisturizing and has decent staying power.

  2. I read another post where you mentioned that you had already returned this lip balm but I wanted to ask you a question about your use of it. Many people have said that it has a tough upper layer and that it isn’t until you break that surface that you can unleash the cult favorite product within. If you weren’t able to break the surface, that might be why you didn’t find it helpful. So it wasn’t really a question, more of a statement of what a lot of people have said but it also applies to various potted lip balms (again gained from perusing other makeup blogs).

    I, personally, do not own one, I’m a lazy person by nature and so the only thing I own in pot for in the normal Vaseline Lip Therapy and Korres lip balm in pomegranate and they rarely get used. My favorite lip balm would have to be the Carmex Moisture Plus in clear.

    Also, I’m also a female college student of color so I’m really happy to stumble upon your blog!

    • That’s a really good point, about the surface layer. I had heard about that from TiffanyD I think and made sure to give it some extra time. I broke through that layer and it still wasn’t doing anything for me, unfortunately.

      I’ve never tried the Korres balm, or the Carmex Moisture Plus! I’ll have to give them a try.

      And yay for finding representation on beauty blogs! I know it’s hard sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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