Unique Polish Alert! Julep’s “Cynthia”

I have a lot of nail polish. Too much of it. So much that it’s become very difficult to impress me nail-colour-wise. Rarely do I see a new polish that makes me go “Oooh, I need that!”.

Enter Julep’s “Cynthia”.

I am too excited about this polish.

I am too excited about this polish.

I received this colour in my Julep Maven “Modern Beauty” box this month. I quite enjoy Julep nail polishes; the bottles are super cute and unique and the formulas tend to be really opaque right off the bat.

I thought that this was a glitter, but a quick swatch proved that the shimmer in it was much finer. On the nail, it translates more like a speckled effect more than anything; that is to say, the shimmer you see in the bottle gets lost a bit. After I got over my initial disappointment, I realized that this colour is really bleepin’ cool.

It’s an updated, interesting twist on a nude (if you’re my skintone) or a brown (if you’re lighter). With this on, each of my nails remindes me of a teeny tiny bird egg. I’ve never seen this effect from my usual brands. In a market buffeted by “special effect” trends every few months (*cough* shatter polish, caviar manicures, velvet manicures, sequin manicures, leather manicures, chalkboard manicures), it’s tough to come up with something new. I think Julep’s succeeded.

If anyone has any unique polish recommendations, I’d love to hear them!



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