Glow Job! (+ American Horror Story: Coven just got weird[er])

My number one skincare concern is unevenness and dullness.

I suppose that’s two, so those are my number one and two skincare concerns. (My third one is acne.)

I have natural unevenness, which deeper skintones are prone to. I also scar super easily whenever I do break out.

Until this year, I had never found a brightening (note: brightening, not lightening) routine that worked for me. Now that I have, I’m obsessed with getting my skin to shine bright like a diamond (but not in an oilslicky way).

Glow Job

Three times a week, I exfoliate with Origins Modern Friction. Regular exfoliation is key for brightness and evenness because it helps cell turnover, revealing fresh and unscarred skin underneath. This stuff is wonderful. It’s sticky because it has a rice starch base, which pulls dirt out of pores. The little beads are rounded, so it isn’t going to create micro-tears in the skin.

I know this is another scrub, but I don’t use it as one. Origins Never A Dull Moment scrub is super super gentle, so it’s good as an exfoliator for sensitive skin. I personally prefer the slightly-rougher Modern Friction. Never A Dull Moment, however, is awesome to use as a mask. It’s really fruity smelling, and brightens using fruit acids. I leave it on as a mask when my skin needs an extra pick-me-up.

Finally, the one product that I truly feel has revolutionized my skin. Thanks to this product, I rarely wear foundation and when I do, I only wear it on certain areas of my face. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright is the greatest skin brightening serum ever. I put it on after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing, and it really helps to brighten my skin because it’s chock full of vitamin C. This stuff is the bomb and I will never be without it.

(Note: Modern Friction and Never A Dull Moment sent to me by Origins.)

Any thoughts on getting glowy skin all year long?

In other news, what the heck is going on in AHS.


The Axeman storyline is reeeally weird. How does he have a body? What spell did they use that made him “move on”…but he just got to walk out of there and over to wherever Fiona was? Weird.

I’m so glad that Queenie finally made a RiffRaff reference – Spalding has reminded me of him since the moment I saw him.

Also why would Zoey or whatever get Misty to resurrect Madison? Because it worked out so well with FrankenKyle? Like she never learns, man. Kyle is a mess and I feel really bad for him. But on the other side, I’m glad Madison’s back. She’s rude and I like it.

Nobody stays dead in this show. Nobody.



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