Quick Tips Volume 2 (+ Supernatural broke my heart)

Quick Tips 2

Here you are – more quick tips to give your makeup routine a boost!

  • Prime your eyeshadow! This makes it last all day and gives your shadows a brighter, more vibrant colour payoff. I like Urban Decay Primer Potion (pictured), but the Rimmel Exaggerate Primer is another good (and affordable!) option.
  • Colour theory is king! If you have a lot of redness, you can use a sheer, slightly yellow-toned foundation to cancel the redness out. (This can also work on very red blemishes.) To cancel out bluish or purplish under-eye circles, use a pink- or salmon-toned concealer to cancel it out — Bobbi Brown do some great correctors that are super creamy for the under-eye region.
  • Don’t feel pressured to put foundation all over. If you only need it in certain areas, just put it in those areas. As long as you have a good colour match, it’ll look lovely. I only put foundation in my T-zone and leave my cheeks bare —it’s nice to see actual skin because it tends to be glowier and more natural-looking than foundation.
  • If you’re going to splurge, splurge on skincare. A super good moisturizer —like Origins Night-a-mins —will help improve your skin, and great skin will take you further than even the best of foundations!

    That’s it for now, but there shall be more to come!

    In other news, Supernatural made me so sad this week.

    SPOILERS AHEAD!</strong

    That Cas can't be at the bunker with Sam and Dean and Kevin makes me so sad. Seeing him working in that convenience store all alone makes me so sad. And then when the lady "asked him out" but didn't really…I knew from the second it happened that it was a babysitting gig. But he didn't and he was so hopeful and Dean helped him look less like he had come straight from work and oh my gosh I was so sad.

    I wish that Cas could just be an angel again. He's terrible and miserable as a human. Sadface.


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