Troubleshooting Skin?

Troubleshooting My Skin?

So my skin has been behaving crazy lately. I don’t break out all that often – I think it’s a combination a rigorous skincare regime, my Clarisonic, genetics, and luck. However, as of late, my luck hasn’t been so good – maybe because I’ve been stressed. It’s midterm season.

Anyway, to combat my acne, these are the products I’ve been using.

(Note: all products sent to me by Origins, but opinions are completely my own!)

Origins Clear Improvement is one of the best face masks I’ve ever used. The cherry on top is that it’s all natural and not too expensive as far as face masks go ($28). It’s got a charcoal base, which works to pull impurities out of the skin.

This stuff is like a magnet for dirt. Like one big paint-on Bioré strip for your face. It pulls dirt right out before it gets a chance to cause trouble – blackheads, whiteheads, pimples so big they have their own gravitational pull…it’ll nip them in the bud before they even become an issue. (Note: for the longest time I thought the expression was ‘nip them in the butt’…) Also it’s lightly hydrating, which is nice, because a lot of clarifying masks tend to be stripping and drying.

For the times when Clear Improvement fails me (or I don’t use it as regularly as I should), my second (and final!) line of defence in the war against blemishes is Origins Super Spot Remover. This stuff is the bomb dot com, and for only $17.50! It’s a salicylic acid-based spot treatment gel. For me, it heals even the stubbornest of blemishes after two or three days of nightly applications. An added perk is that, because salicylic also acts as a mild exfoliant, it helps to fade acne scarring (which I’m super prone to). (Psst – even the boyfriend is a fan!)

In addition to acne, with the cold weather, I’ve been getting more dry patches on my combo skin. Oil in the summer, dry patches in the winter…bleck. I can’t win. Anyhoo, my quick fix for that has been Origins Drink Up 10-minute Mask. It smells like apricots and really hydrates the skin nicely. I love to spread this on my dry patches (sexy, I know) and then Clear Improvement on my clogged, bumpy patches (oops, it got sexier). There’s just something about two masks that makes me feel so hardcore. I’m a skincare badass thanks to Origins.

What’re your skincare woe must-haves?




  1. I LOVE the Clear Improvements mask, it really does suck the dirt right out of your pores!

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