The Chevron Manicure (a.k.a DIY Nail Stickers) (+ American Horror Story does it again…)

Chevron Nails

Chevron manicures aren’t new. I’ve been doing mine this way for probably about three years… But I still think they’re cute and relevant. Idk, okay?

You can use whatever colours you want, and this tutorial also includes ideas of other types of nail stickers you can make. Whenever I wear this, I invariably get a few people asking me how I did it. It’s super easy, so let’s get to it!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Base coat — I’m using Butter London Nail Foundation. Any one will do.
  • Accent base colour — I did my chevron nail as an accent nail. I used Essie’s Blanc as the base colour for this nail.
  • Base colour — this is the colour the rest of the nails will be. Mine is Nails Inc.’s “Porchester Square”. Classic.
  • Chevron colour — this is the colour your nail stickers will actually be. I’m using Sephora by OPI’s “What’s a Tire Jack? (Matte)” (discontinued).
  • Top coat — any old one will do. I’m using Seche Vite. Also classic.
  • Drying drops —these are optional, but I’m so impatient that I couldn’t live without them. They’re by Nicole by OPI but almost every brand does some.
  • Craft scissors — mine are zigzag, hence the chevron. You could use scalloped scissors or any other kind of artsy scissors. In an absence of artsy, you could use regular scissors and just do stripes.
  • Scotch tape — preferably the matte kind. I’ve never tried it on the shiny kind, so I can’t say how well it’d work.
  • Cuticle nippers — you could potentially substitute nail clippers, but these are just easier.

    Chevron Mani How-To Steps 1-3

    1. Paint your nails as you usually would and let them dry completely, sans drying drops.
    2. Once your nails are dry, use your chevron colour (mine is black) to paint the flat section of the tape with one coat. Let dry.
    3. Once the first coat is dry, paint on a second. Let it dry completely before continuing — this is super important, or you risk ruining your stickers!

    Chevron Mani How-To Steps 4-6

    4. Once the polish on the tape is completely dry, make the first cut. I like to line up the ‘peak’ of a new zigzag with the edge of the tape, just because I think it looks cleaner.
    5. Begin cutting your stickers, lining up the scissors with the previous cut each time. This results in cleaner zigzags. I like to have a surface to stick them on while I cut the rest of them — here I’ve used my base coat since I’m done with it.
    6. Begin placing your stickers. There’s no rule for how many you need per nail or how far apart they need to be — get creative!

    Chevron Mani How-To Steps 7-9

    7. Finish placing your stickers. Try to ensure that the excess is all on one side —here, I have it on the left.
    8. Use your cuticle nippers to carefully trim off the excess.
    9. Slap on a topcoat and your drying drops and you’re done!

    In other news, I’m baffled by American Horror Story. What is going ON?


    I don’t even know where to start.

    The Axe Man is confusing and weird. But of course he’s in love with Fiona. Of course. Anyone else find it a bit creepy that he watched her grow up and fell in love with her? Ew.

    I can’t believe Zoey put back in Spalding’s tongue…and then killed hIM? I was not expecting that! And then the creepy dead-people threesome at the end…also ew.

    I have mixed feelings about Queenie helping Angela Bassett. I know that the witches don’t respect Queenie all that much, but I don’t know…I guess I just wish they would, because Angela Bassett is bad news. She hired the guy to kill the witches! And he married Cordelia! And he’s coming for them! Aah!

    Also, freakin’ American Thanksgiving interrupting my shows for a week. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to find out what happens. Wah.


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