Review: Essie ‘Penny Talk’

Essie Penny Talk Nail Swatch

Oh, Essie Penny Talk. How I wanted to love you.

When this polish was released, it was hyped up as the perfect rose gold polish. I, like the rest of the planet, love rose gold. Naturally, I chased it down. In a ton of different drugstores. Until I found it.

Choirs of angels sang that day, my friends.

I took it home and painted my nails right away…and was disappointed on several fronts.

To start, the application is fiddley, I suppose because it’s a metallic shade. As you can see above, it’s all streaky, shows every brushstroke as well as every bump and ridge on my nails. Cute.

It goes on like this no matter how careful I am, and no matter what I do. (Even the sandwich technique, where you go basecoat—colour—matte or basecoat—colour—topcoat, didn’t work! That’s what I’ve done above.)

Aside from the horrible application, the colour is super disappointing too. That does not look like rose gold to me. That looks like metallic pink. I prefer my rose gold to actually have some gold to it, maybe just because that’s what’s flattering on my skintone.

I actively dislike this polish but am loathe to part with it because I so badly wanted to like it. That’s why I put it on last night: in an attempt to convince myself that it’s actually not that bad. In fact, it actually is that bad. The application coupled with the colour itself just makes it a really unpleasant experience for me. I will likely remove it later today, lest it glare at me from my fingertips, reminding me constantly of my disappointment…



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