Review: Nails Inc ‘Victoria’ (+ omg Path of Exile)

Nails Inc Victoria

I recently left a job I had for six months where I had to wear only natural-looking nail polish. And don’t get me wrong, I love a good neutral. Beiges, pinks, french manicures — lovely. But sometimes I need to spice things up, you know?

There’s just something about dark nails that looks so polished — forgive the pun — and chic. It’s edgy but classy and because dark nails have been in for a few years, I think they’ve become quite classic.

Black nails were in for a bit, but in recent years, there’s been a gravitation towards dark purples, reds, blues, and greens. They give the same chic, put-together look but are a little less harsh than a black polish.

I adore Nails Inc formulas — I think Porchester Square is fantastic, just like everyone and their grandma. I’ve been itching to try Victoria for ages, ever since Nails Inc polishes popped up in Shoppers Drug Mart. I will admit to being a bit of a sheep, since an influential factor in my decision to try this polish was the big black ‘HERO SHADE!’ sticker on there.

Hero Shade? Is it gonna save me? Save me from what? Fantastic, let me give it a try.

In all seriousness, I did like the colour itself. The sticker just caught my eye.

Anyhoo, I finally picked this up at the three-hour nail polish BOGO event that Shoppers had this week…and I love it.

I think it looks so cool on short, square nails with rounded edges. Their polishes tend to wear well on me, which is good because I remove dark polish at the sign of the first chip. (Otherwise, it can start to look a bit rebellious-preteen.) My only issue with it is that the formula does go on slightly streaky, as you can probably see; you’d need either two thick coats or three thin ones to get it completely opaque. Ah well.

In other news, I’m also happy with a certain video game…

I was watching my boyfriend play Path of Exile shortly after it came out. It looked creepy and complicated and gory and I told him I’d never play it. But then I tried it…and I’m hooked…

I finished Act I last night, and this morning I started Act II. I quit after being killed two times in a row… I’d forgotten to open a portal thingie outside the boss’s lair the first time, and when he (it?) killed me I got sent all the way back to town. Then I had to make my way through two of three levels of some Cavern of Anguish or something to get back to him, but I got lost on the second level and got killed by some crazy spiders and electroskeleton bitties (again, sans portal).

I still don’t quite understand all the armour and abilities and gems, but I figure I’ll learn. The only annoying thing is when I tried to install it on my Mac, I found that there’s no official Mac version and the unofficial version has some serious lag. They need to release a Mac version, stat. (Also I almost wrote ‘Mac’ as ‘MAC’ several times. Bahaha. #bbloggerproblems.)



  1. I love dark nail polish, can you suggest a green shade

  2. I’ll admit that I originally bought this nail varnish because it’s by name. But I have completely fallen in love with it, I totally agree it looks so classy on the nails.

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