Long Live the Bold Lip: How to Make Bold Lipstick Last All Day (+ The Walking Dead mid-season finale death[s])

Red Lipstick on Dark NW 45 Skin

I remember when I bought my first bold lipstick.

I had just gotten into Mad Men. Enough said.

It was three or four years ago, when I was 16 or 17. I went to my local MAC counter and purchased MAC Red lipstick and Cherry lipliner after receiving a mini-lesson from a makeup artist on how to apply it.

Of course, I fiddled with it myself at home, and like to think that I’ve got a pretty great system going on that keeps my lipstick going strong all day.

Now, of course every lipstick is different, and everybody’s lips are different. This strategy will work with lipsticks that have a satin or matte formula — it’s not so great with glossy ones, like Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie.

How to Make Lipstick Stay All Day

Here’s what you’ll need to make virtually any lip colour stay on all day long:

  • Some kind of lip exfoliant — I like Lush’s sugar lip scrubs because they smell and taste lovely, are relatively inexpensive, last forever, and get the job done. You can make a DIY sugar scrub (anybody want a tutorial on this?) or just use a damp washcloth or a toothbrush.
  • Your favourite lip balm — this’ll get wiped off later, so what you use is up to you. I’m using the Smith’s Strawberry one.
  • Tissues or paper towel
  • Lip liner in either the colour of the lipstick you plan to apply, or the same shade as your lips. MAC’s Cherry is my default for almost all red lipsticks.
  • Lipstick — as previously mentioned, this method is best with a matte to satin formulas, but not so much with the more moisturizing ones. I’m presently a little obsessed with MAC RiRi Woo.
  • Lipgloss (optional)
  • Lip brush — optional, but recommended. You can use pretty much any flat, small makeup brush in your collection for this.
  • Concealer — a drier formula is best. I use MAC Studio Finish.
  • Concealer brush — mine is Sigma F70.
  • Oil-free makeup remover (optional) — As always, Bioderma is my recommendation.
  • Q-Tips (optional)
  • Highlighter (optional) — I love the Balm’s Betty Lou-Manizer, but you can use a shimmery gold, peach, or white eyeshadow instead.

    And here’s what you do:
    1. Moisturized, non-flaky lips are key for getting your lipstick to look flawless and stay that way all day. Exfoliate your lips using your desired method.
    2. Apply lip balm. Let sit for a few moments, then wipe it off, leaving a very thin layer of moisture still there.
    3. Following the natural borders of your lips, line them using short, feathery strokes. This gives you greater control. I would not recommend lining outside the lip line; this formerly-popular trick looks dated. If you have smaller lips and wish to make them look bigger, there are some tips at the end of this article. You can use the liner to slightly alter the shape of your lips, however; for example, I like to create a more exaggerated cupid’s bow than my natural one.
    4. Fill your lips in completely with liner. This gives the lipstick a surface to adhere to and will make it last longer.
    5. If using a lip brush, load it with lipstick and begin painting over the lipliner, being especially careful around the edges. If applying directly from the tube, be as precise as you can.
    6. Grab your tissue, fold it in half, place it between your lips, and press them together on the tissue. This is a way to evenly blot, leaving a very even layer of lipstick on your lips.
    7. Repeat step 5, applying another layer.
    8. If you make mistakes and apply lipstick outside the lipline, use a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover to tidy up the edges.
    9. Dip your concealer brush in your concealer and begin lining outside your lips. This step serves two purposes, one practical and one aesthetic: it keeps your lipstick in the lines and prevents it from feathering, and also sharpens the lines and makes your lips pop even more. I love this trick!
    10. Blend your concealer with your finger or Q-Tip so that it doesn’t look too stark.
    11. When I wear a lipstick as matte (and, let’s face it, drying) as RiRi Woo, I like to dab some lip balm over it to make it more comfortable to wear.

    To create fuller lips…

  • …dab some balm or gloss in the centre of your lips only. This attracts light and makes them look bigger.
  • …place some highlighter right on your cupid’s bow. This, too, attracts light and makes lips look fuller and poutier. I love this trick; even though I don’t need help in the lip-fullness department, I find it helps to define my cupid’s bow, which is virtually non-existent.

    In other news, The Walking Dead mid-season finale was surprisingly satisfying to me…


    I loved the dialogue (which was more like glorified monologuing at one another) between Rick and the Governor. And I love that the Governor was basically like, “I have a tank, so…”. Brilliant.

    In terms of deaths, the writers seem to have gone for quality over quantity; the mortality rate was surprisingly low, but every kill packed a real punch.

    First of all, Megan. Fantastic death. That the Governor had to kill her for realsies really brings the Penny thing full circle. I enjoyed that.

    If I’m not mistaken, Herschel was next. I loved the thing they did with the camera angle, where we got to see what Herschel was seeing – that’s when you know he’s gonna die. First Dale, now Herschel…the writers are doing away with the conscience of the group. And I like it.

    Then came Judith. I figured she wasn’t going to survive this. In the comics, she and Lori both die when the Governor invades the prison, except Lori gets shot and falls on her. This death – if indeed she is dead, because it’s sort of up in the air – was much, muuuuch more brutal. Some zombies (might have) had a tasty baby-snack. But really, why would those kids drop the defenceless baby to go grab some guns? Take the baby to the bus. Then grab the guns.

    And then the Governor. I like that Michonne got her go at him, but also that Lilly ended him. Good for her for finally realizing that he sucks. Gotta tell you, I’ll miss him though. He’s a fascinating character. Nonetheless, I think they did away with him at the right time – to keep him would have stretched his storyline thin.

    My only disappointments are that we stiiiiill don’t know what’s up with Carol, and that the breaking up of the group is very reminiscent of when the farm went up in flames. But ah well.

    Is it February yet?

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