The Christmas Wish List

I’ve just ironed out my holiday plans, and the new certainty and peace of mind is making me feel festive.

So I made a holiday wishlist!

  • Canon Rebel T3i Tripod: The Canon Rebel T3i is what I shoot all my bloggy pictures with. I’ve found it difficult, however, to shoot DIYs and tutorials without a tripod or a person to shoot for me. So I tend to just do walkthroughs, like my ribbon hair tie tutorial and my chevron nail tutorial. However, with a tripod, I’d be able to do close-up, detailed pictorials (is that a thing? picture tutorials).
  • Tory Burch Robinson iPhone 5 Case in Black: I recently got an iPhone 5, around the time the 5S and 5C came out. I like to be a step or two behind the models because then the prices come down, but I still get cool new (to me) features. I figured maybe it was time to get a grown-up phone case. This one is sleek and cool. Also I’ve never owned any Tory Burch. Her stuff seems nice!
  • Urban Decay Naked3 Palette: I didn’t want to want this. I never want to like the sequel. But I’m a Naked fan. What can I say? I have Naked 1, Naked 2, Naked Skin Foundation, and Naked BB Cream. I think it’s a really great range and because I love quite neutral makeup, it’s right up my street. The rose gold packaging is gorgeous, and the colours inside are all new. No repeats! Me gusta.
  • Dorothy Perkins jumper/sweater: I love love love Dorothy Perkins, particularly her animal sweaters. My boyfriend calls them my dorky sweaters but I don’t care because they’re just so cute. I love wearing them with black tights, a black circle skirt, and my black combat boots. It’s become a bit of a uniform for me. I’d love some more, and this one is especially festive!
  • GlamGlow YouthMud: I tried a teensy sample of this when it first came out and everybody was tripping over themselves to buy it. But I’m skeptical…still. A $70 mask? It better work wonders. But because I only got to use it once or twice, I don’t think I got a chance to see a difference. This mini size is $20 and you supposedly get 5-7 uses out of it. I’d like to give it a fair try!
  • Old Navy reindeer socks: Like with animal sweaters, I love animal socks. There’s just something so cute about them. These look cozy, festive and sweet.
  • Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing brush replacement: I go through a Clarisonic head every 4-5 months — I know it’s supposed to be 3 months, but with a $30 price tag I try to stretch it out. I’ve been itching to try the Deep Pore one instead of my regular Normal Skin one.
  • Indigo Initial Mug: I had one of these and it got broken one time when I was moving. I miss it. It’s cute, a great size for coffee or tea, and I love things with my initial on them.
  • T3 SoftTouch Diffuser: Diffusing is second-place to air-drying for curly hair. I like it because it makes my curls bouncier and helps me get out the door without wet hair. At the moment I don’t have a diffuser, so I usually just carefully blow dry. But I really want one!
  • Kate Spade Glasses Pencil Pouch Set from Indigo: Kate Spade launched a stationary line recently and, like all her stuff, it is adorable and classy. It’s an inexpensive way to have some Kate Spade in your life. Inside the pencil case comes an eraser, a gold sharpener, two pencils, and a ruler.

    What’s on your holiday wishlist?!

    (Please note that the above images are not mine. Click through [twice] to get to the original source, as well as for purchasing information.)

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