Exam & Essay Chic: Turban Headbands

headband collage

I feel like this is the perfect time to post this. I’m just coming off of my first (and only! yay!) all-nighter of first semester. (And thank god for that — I did way too many of these last year.) I’m heading into the exam season, which is, oddly enough, when I get the most sleep. I like exams. You study, you go in, you perform, it’s done. (It’s the waiting for marks after that I don’t like. Blech!)

Anyway, I’ve got a few exam-survival-style posts coming up, which is appropriate because this is just the beginning.

Currently, I have my hair plopped on my head, Mrs Lovett-style. And I am wearing my favourite headband.

The turban headband is still stylish, methinks — I see the knit varieties on girls around campus daily. They’re cute, stylish, and above all, practical. I love that I can just have my hair in a messy bun, or a topknot, or a weirdo ponytail, and it’ll look cute anyway.

My favourite place to get my turban headbands is RumRaisins on Etsy. They make all sorts of accessories, including those knit headbands I was talking about. But their turban ones are my favourite.

They’re reasonably priced, and they have events and sales often. The quality is amazing, they wash well, and they come in so many colours and patterns (including glitter!!).

The best part is the customer service. They ship from Thailand, so it takes a while to get to me in Canada. When one of my orders took too long, I contacted the shop owner and we discovered it had been mailed to my old address. They mailed me a new package, no questions asked. Amazing!

I’d highly recommend this shop. The products are beautiful, and it feels lovely to support quality small businesses…and look cute while doing it.


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