Exam Survival Kit (featuring soothing, cooling, minty goodness!)

Exam Survival Kit
Exam season is upon us (us being college and university students in Canada and some parts of the US), so I thought I’d make a little post of some of the products I reach for regularly when I’m stressed and sleep-deprived.

This doesn’t have to be just for students, either; anyone can use these products, any time. They’re all tried in the most rigorous of conditions, so you can be confident that they work!

  • Rohto Lycee eye drops aren’t readily available in Canada. I think they’re a Japanese brand, but they’ve been gaining popularity in the states for a while. I use these when my eyes are in serious need of moisture and relief. Their big draw is that they’re tingly and minty on your eyes. It’s a really weird sensation that makes my eyes water just thinking about it, but that’s what so great; if your eyes are itchy or burning or dry, the cooling sensation — though occasionally weird-feeling at first — helps to soothe them. (Soothing is a big theme in this post!)
  • Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-On* is great for more than just puffiness. It’s a soothing aloe and cucumber solution that rolls on cool thanks to the metal rollerball. This one’s a mini that I got for free with a purchase, which is nice because I’ve been carrying it around in my pocket lately. It’s great for refreshing tired eyes and waking you up!
  • Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind is a calming peppermint, basil, and eucalyptus lotion for application to pulse points. I put mine on my temples, behind my ears, and behind my neck. It goes on slightly tingly on the skin. I find it’s great for helping with headaches (including migraines and hunger headaches) and nausea. It’s so handy, I have a mini one on my keychain so I’ll never be without it and I can leave this guy at home. At $14.50 for a full size, it’s super affordable, too. Just steer clear of your eyes, because the peppermint will burn if you get too close!
  • Finally, my trusty Visene Dry Eye eye drops. These guys aren’t as long-lasting and beneficial as the Rohto Lycee, but when I don’t want my eyes watering a ton post-use (in class, for example) these are what I use. Unfortunately, this means I have to apply more frequently, but they’re handy to have anyway!

    In other news, I was featured on Temptalia’s Sunday Link Love today! I’ve been a bit MIA because I was finishing up an essay and doing some Christmas shopping — that’s why this post is so late! — but I was super excited all day. I’m a fairly new blog, and being featured on Temptalia has brought me a lot of new readers, for which I’m super grateful. Hello to you all, and thanks for stopping by!

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