DIY Lavender Curl Refreshing Spray

DIY Lavender Curl Refreshing Spray

A leaf through The Great Gatsby will tell you that lavender is renowned for its freshening properties (lavender is mentioned a lot in that book because their society is lacking in emotional and spiritual substance and fulfillment, and lavender ‘masks’ it). Several curly hair product companies sell lavender refreshing sprays. Refreshing sprays are great for second (and third and fourth and fifth) day curls because the water reactivates the product in the hair, hydrates, and lets you reshape the curls to reduce frizz.

Recently, I tried my aunt’s DevaCurl Mist-er Right Lavender Curl Revitalizer and, while I loved the smell and the results, it was a bit sticky for my liking. It got me thinking that it wouldn’t be that expensive to make, and I could customize it so that it’s quick absorbing and hydrating!

If you’d like to make your own lavender curl refreshing spray, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A spray bottle — I got mine at the dollar store in a pack of 2 for $1.
  • 100% pure lavender essential oil — I suppose you could use any essential oil, but lavender is the real refresher. At the health food store where I picked up mine, I also saw mint and eucalyptus, which might be nice.
  • Some kind of moisturizer — this spray’s goal is to refresh and curb frizz. Frizz is hair reaching out into the atmosphere for moisture, so moisture we shall give. I chose Josie Maran Argan Oil Light, but you can use glycerin, a little bit of your conditioner, some olive oil, or any other oil your hair seems to like. I wanted to let the lavender shine through, so I used an unscented moisturizer. Also, if you’re going to be using an oil, make sure you use one that’s liquid at room temperature (ie not coconut oil!).
  • Water (preferably cold)

    1. Fill your spray bottle with water.
    2. Add in your lavender oil — for a bottle this size, I used 5 drops.
    3. Add in your moisturizer — the Josie Maran Argan Oil comes with a handy little pipette, so I dropped in 8 or so drops of argan oil.
    4. Shake it like a polaroid picture.

    And voilà! Spritz it on next-day curls until they’re damp, then use your fingers to gently twirl frizzy bits until they comply. I did this a few days ago and got so many compliments — my hair looked fresh and cute!

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    1. So glad that I found your blog while commenting on Temptalia’s blog. I’ll be trying this out!

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