Holiday Nail Art: Frosty Tips!

Snowman Nail Art

As some of you may know, I love nail art. I’m just getting back into it, and the holidays such a fun time for it. Gingerbread men, Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and snowmen — the opportunities are endless!

I’ve opted for a snowman for my first nail art experience of the season. I chose a light blue background — Essie’s “Borrowed and Blue” — but you could choose any colour you like.

The white is Essie’s “Blanc”, the orange is Essie’s “Fear or Desire”, the red is Formula X for Sephora’s “Curiosity”, and the black is Sephora by OPI’s “What’s a Tire Jack? (Matte)”. (Tip: I like working with matte nail polishes or even acrylic paints for nail art because they’re stiffer, so they’re less likely to run, and they dry faster and tend to be easier to work with. I get my acrylic paints for nail art at the dollar store for $1 each!) I used my usual top- and base-coats, Seche Vite and butter London Nail Foundation respectively.

To create this design, I used this photo as inspiration.

My tools were my Essence dotting tool ($1 or so at Shoppers Drug Mart) and an itty bitty detail brush that I made by cutting the bristles off a paint brush I got at the dollar store.

It looks intricate and complex, but with a little patience and creativity, it’s easy peasy. I got lots of compliments on this look today, too!


Tell me what you think!

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