New & Exciting Products

As a lover of all things beauty, I keep my eyes open for new launches. I don’t like to buy items right away, because that’s when I tend to regret the products the most. Like some kind of makeup-crazed lion, I like to lie in wait of the inevitable onslaught of YouTube and blog reviews (check the links in the sidebar for my trusted sources!). Nonetheless, I still get excited about the products when they’re launched and in the starting stages of release. Here are a few I’m currently excited about!

1. CND Vinylux comes from the creators of Shellac. Now, I’ve never had a Shellac manicure, and the thing that’s discouraged me is the difficulty of removal. (I know of the foil method, but still. Pain in the butt.) Vinylux claims to have all the shine with a wear time somewhere between that of a conventional polish and a Shellac polish, no UV light necessary. Sign me up!

2. CoverGirl Bombshell Shineshadow is a cream shadow from CoverGirl’s new Bombshell range. I like cream shadows quite a lot, and I’m eyeing this shade in Copper Fling.

3. The Shu Uemura New Generation S Curler is, hands down, the most exciting product of all of these for me. I have eyelashes so straight they point down, so a good pair of lash curlers are a necessity. I hopped on the Shu Uemura bandwagon about five years ago and am on my second set (just because of normal wear – I replaced my first one very recently). This new design from Shu is all twisty and claims to be able to fit any eye shape pinchlessly, resulting in better curl. And I am all about the curl.

4. Benefit is killing it with the new products lately. I’m not crazy about cream blush/cheek stains – I always feel like I’m smearing my foundation around when I try to blend…is that just me? Their newest one, Lollitint, looks so creamy and lovely and is such a beautiful shade. I’ll have to try it on as soon as it hits Sephora!

5. Also from the CoverGirl Bombshell range is this new Intensity Liner. I’m excited because the point looks super thin. Buying liquid liner at the drugstore is risky, though; I’ve had bad luck with pigmentation because they are notoriously testerless.

6. Another one from Benefit, this time an addition to the POREfessional range. Agent Zero Shine is a mattifying, pore-eradicating powder. Sounds pretty neat, but as it’s a bold claim, I’m going to test before I buy!

(Please note that the above images are not mine. Click through [twice] to get to the original source, as well as for purchasing information.)


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