EpicProduct!Review: CoverGirl TruMagic

CoverGirl TruMagic

Please excuse the overexcited title. This product excites me, you see. It’s CoverGirl TruMagic, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen at the drugstore, so it takes a bit of explanation.

Mally Cosmetics makes a similar product, so if you’re familiar with that, feel free to skip over this description. If not, read on!

CoverGirl TruMagic

As you can see above, it’s a whitish product that comes in a compact. Instead of a powder, it’s actually a gel. It goes on with a smooth, silicone-y feel. It’s designed to mattify and smooth the skin when applied over or under makeup, and it does just that.

I’ve been using this product when I do my makeup in the morning, and for touchups throughout the day. It mattifies without giving a cakey, overdone look, keeping the skin’s radiance.

The only thing I’m not crazy about is the application. I don’t love applying products with a sponge, as it seems less sanitary than using a brush that you can clean frequently. I plan to buy some replacement sponges, as this product has enough space in the top of the container to keep a touch-up sponge.

I’ve tried applying it with a stippling brush, and that seems to work nicely in the morning when I first apply my makeup, but it isn’t really a purse-friendly-touchup-friendly way to apply product. For that, I have to resort to the dreaded sponge.

Overall, though, I’m kind of crazy about this product! It was only about $8 and I feel as if I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth!


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