My 2013 Beauty Favourites!

With the end of the year comes about a million end-of-year posts. Although I’m away from most of my beauty products and all of my photography equipment, I didn’t want to miss out! So I decided to compile a list of some of my favourites from 2013. This was originally going to be one post, but it snowballed and I’ve decided to make it two: beauty and non-beauty favourites.

  • Favourite skin product: Is it a cop out to go with my Clarisonic? I’ve used it for years and it has really made a difference in my complexion – my skin absorbs product better, it’s smoother, and more even. Even though it’s about four years old, it’s still fantastic and going strong. I love it!
  • Favourite complexion product: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is hands down a winner for this category. I love it under the eyes and on my splotchy patches on days I don’t feel like wearing foundation.
  • Favourite eye product: Tempted as I am to say that it’s Naked 3, I haven’t had it for most of the year (only about a month now). Instead, I’m going to go with the colour I wore on my eyes about 70% of the time I wore eyeshadow: MAC’s Patina. It’s a cool medium beige with flecks of muted gold that warm it up just a little. It’s perfect for my skintone to brighten up my eyes without looking too done.
  • Favourite lip product: I’ve bounced around in the lip category, experimenting with bold lip colours and lip balms (there’s no real in-between for me!). I was loving the Revlon Lip Butters, but I have to go with my Rosebud Lip Balm. I keep coming back to it, so it must be good!
  • Favourite cheek product: The product I wore the most on my cheeks this year was The Balm’s Betty Lou-Manizer. I love to use highlighter because then I can control where the shimmer goes and avoid highlighting my cheek pores.
  • Favourite nail product: Instead of a fun colour, I’m going to go with a basic and a cult classic: Seche Vite Top Coat. It dries so quickly, and you can’t beat the shine.
  • Favourite makeup tool: I used the Real Techniques Powder Brush pretty much every day I wore makeup. It’s soft and massive, meaning it covers like half my face in one swipe.
  • Favourite body product: The Body Shop Body Butters are my absolute favourite body moisturizer. My favourite flavours (fragrances?) are Coconut and Chocomania.
  • Favourite shower product: Hands down, this was the year of Lush’s Snow Fairy for me. I picked up a tiny one two Christmases ago and regretted it. Then when it came back for the holidays in 2012, I picked up four. I used them throughout the year. This year, I ordered two more. It’s bright pink, sparkly, and smells like bubblegum and cotton candy. (Bonus: this year they brought out a matching massage bar. I have two and ordered two more.)
  • Favourite hair product: The product that’s made the biggest difference in my hair has been coconut oil. At the moment I’m using Now Solutions Coconut Oil, but I’m not picky about brand. It’s amazing because the protein in coconut oil mimics the protein found naturally in hair. If you use coconut oil in your hair before you shower, then you end up losing less protein.

    That concludes my beauty version of my 2013 favourites. My non-beauty favourites will follow shortly. Happy New Year!

    (As usual, click through for image sources!)

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