My Curly Haircut Experience!

Haircut Before and After

Back in the fall, a variety of factors encouraged me to cease wearing my hair straight and go curly. It’s what my hair wants to do and I got tired of fighting it – but I only realized that after I went curly…

So I dedicated myself to figuring out what my hair wants and needs at this length and state…but that’s another story. This post focuses on another step I took: getting a haircut.

I had previously been going to a stylist who would blowdry my hair straight and then cut it. It made sense at the time because I never ever wore my hair curly (and it was really short, so it was easy for me to straighten). As it got longer, it lost its shape when it was straight and was especially shapeless when curly. I had a triangle-head, like Alice.

So I did some research on and found great reviews of BossArts Salon and Spa. I quickly made an appointment (online, which is super convenient for we phone-shy folks) and was assigned Kim. Kim is the only stylist at BossArts who does type 4 hair. I don’t have type 4 hair, but on principle, I enjoyed being assigned to the only person who does kinky-curly hair. I don’t know, okay? I’m weird.

Anyhow, Kim cut my hair in a service that’s called the Curly Creative Cut. She gave me layers and bounce and shape. She gave me a scalp massage and then washed my hair with Aveda Be Curly Shampoo and Conditioner. She then styled it beautifully and for the first time, I exited a salon with my hair curly, not blown straight. This was so super exciting for me!

Fast-forward 3 months to the present day. I made another appointment with Kim for a Curly Maintain Cut. This is a less pricey, quicker service for people who have already had a Curly Creative Cut. It’s a quick trim all around, and a refresh of the shape.

For me, this meant going in and cutting shorter layers on the top. It doesn’t include wash, head massage, or style. In the before photo, you can see that my hair is pretty bottom-heavy and I’m starting to get that triangle-effect. In the after, it’s light, bouncy, and fluffy (partly because Kim fluffed it up to get a better idea of the shape) which I absolutely love. I wouldn’t normally style my hair big like this, but I’m actually really liking the change. I want to try to rock the frizz, instead of desperately chasing after perfectly defined curls. I feel like a mix between Diana Ross and Beyoncé circa 2002. Heck yes!

The only downside to the trim is that I lost some of my ombré. But it’s a small price to pay to lose some of those split, heat-damanged ends. (Note the straight ends on the left side of my head in the before photo – that’s heat damage, and it’s gone now!)

So if you’re in the Ottawa region, I would definitely recommend a trip to BossArts to see Kim. She’s going on leave in a few weeks, but she should be back by the summer. Until then, they have a variety of other stylists who are also great with curly hair. The only thing to be aware of is that because it is a high-end hair studio, the prices are quite high. However, they do offer a student discount – just let them know at checkout.


Thanks to BossArts and my arsenal of products, I feel like my hair is finally the way it’s meant to be!



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