When Life Gives You Links, Follow Them!: A Blog Hop


This weekend, I’m co-hosting a blog hop with one of my new favourite bloggers, Nykki. She’s got a really cool blog with a writing style all her own. When I first started blogging a few months ago, Nykki’s blog hop helped me connect with cool new bloggers and get my name out there in the blogosphere. (That’s a thing, right?)

Now, Nykki’s offered a me spot co-hosting her blog hop. I had so much fun with it, and I hope some other people will get a chance to find some neat bloggers in the process!

Each Follow Them blog hop has a featured blogger, and this time it’s Skinsweet.

The rules of the hop are:

1. Be a subscriber of my blog… and add your blog links.

2. Check out at least 3 of the links before you come back next week to start again.

3. Check out the Featured Blogger — skinsweet.blogspot.co.uk

4. Check out your co-hosts!

5. If you’d like to receive notifications of this blog hop, subscribe by email below! 🙂 

If you’d like to be the featured blogger for Nykki’s next blog hop, head over to her blog to find out how!


Tell me what you think!

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