Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Total Knockout VoxBox

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure All Three Polishes

Last week, I received my first Influenster VoxBox, which featured Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polishes*. The VoxBox itself was called the Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox, and before receiving this box, I hadn’t really tried many Sally Hansen polishes. I looked to SH for nail tools and treatments (I adore the Instant Cuticle Remover), but not really for actual colour. I must say, then, this opportunity was exciting.

The box contained three polishes: ‘Red My Lips’, ‘Jaded’, and ‘Pat on the Black’. Immediately, I knew that ‘Pat on the Black’ and ‘Red My Lips’ were right up my alley; ‘Jaded’ was less so. I’m not a fan of greens or blues because I find that they tend to look a bit sickly on my skintone.

The polishes are marketed as being better than Essie or Revlon polishes, and the ads feature bottles from those brands (sans labels) cast aside in wake of the SH polish. I found this to be a bold claim, and the entire time that I wore these polishes, I kept comparing them to Essie and OPI (my two favourite brands).

Sally Hansen CSM Brush

The first shade I tried on was ‘Pat on the Black’. I immediately fell in love with the brush – it’s wide and has a rounded edge, which makes it perfect for evenly distributing colour and hugging the cuticle. It took some getting used to (because I’m used to using Essie’s notoriously wimpy brushes and having to compensate for that), but application was a breeze.

Sally Hansen CSM Pat on the Black swatch

The colour itself was pigmented and shiny, but I put a topcoat (CND’s Vinylux) over it nonetheless.

Sally Hansen CSM Jaded swatch comparison

The next colour I tried was ‘Jaded’. After one coat, my nails had an extremely sheer, unhealthy, greenish tinge. After two, the colour was more pronounced, but still very sheer. I photographed this polish after two coats because both the other polishes were photographed after two, but I decided to add a third coat. After three coats, the colour was bolder, but still sheer in places.

Three coats compromised the wear time, and didn’t give particularly good colour. This shade was by far the biggest disappointment: not only is the colour unflattering, the formula is also thin and sheer. I’d expect that from a pale pink or a nude, but I’ve never seen such a lack of pigmentation from a full-on turquoise before. I was so disappointed with the way this polish looked that I removed it immediately.

Sally Hansen CSM Red My Lips Swatch

The third polish fared better. ‘Red My Lips’ is a classic, smooth, creamy red that doesn’t lean too cool or too warm. It rivals Formula X for Sephora’s ‘Curiosity’ for my favourite red shade. Formula X gives me a few days more wear, however.

Overall, the wear was better than Essie polishes, and probably equal to OPI. There were no devastating chips, dings, or scratches during the 4 days that I wore ‘Pat on the Black’. The tip wear was minor on day 2, noticeable on day 3, and significant on day 4. Ultimately, that’s why I removed it; were I less of a perfectionist, I would have been able to get another day’s wear (if not more) out of it.

I might try more Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes, but I’ll be hesitant to do so. Although ‘Pat on the Black’ and ‘Red My Lips’ blew me away, ‘Jaded’ shows that the formula is inconsistent and when it’s bad, it’s really bad.

(These polishes were sent to me for review by Sally Hansen via Influenster!)


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