The Importance of Toner

Origins United State Toner

Today’s post is on the importance of toner.

I feel like it’s a thing that a lot of people skip, and that it’s generally a misunderstood product and step in a good skincare regimen.

The purpose of toner is to remove leftover dirt and debris after you cleanse. Even with a product like the Clarisonic – which I use daily – you’ll usually still end up with dirt and makeup left on your face. Because it’s a liquid, toner can penetrate the pores and clean them out really well. When I tone, I still see lots of dirt coming off on my beloved Shiseido cotton pad. (…and I have to admit, in a gross way, it’s really satisfying…like pulling off those old Bioré pore strips!)

Contrary to popular belief, toner is not just for oily, acne-prone skin. This misconception comes from the fact that a lot of drugstore toners are astringent and therefore contain ALL the alcohol. The key is to choose a toner that suits your skin-type and avoid alcohol, which is drying and disrupts the skin’s pH balance.

I have combination skin that tends to be dryer in the winter, but I still like that super-duper-deep-clean feeling. That’s why I stick with Origins United State* toner year round. It’s not too drying, not too stripping, and not too hydrating. Korres makes a pomegranate toner that I also really like, which is very inexpensive because you get a massive bottle of it for the price. If you have dry skin, consider a hydrating toner like Origins Make A Difference Plus or Caudalie Beauty Elixir (it isn’t technically a toner, but can be used like one!). If you have sensitive skin, consider a toner that you can spritz on and then lightly go over your face with a cotton pad so as not to cause irritation.

Although it may seem like a very old-fashioned step, give toner a chance! You might notice a big difference in your skin.


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