Review: OPI ‘Make Him Mine’ Liquid Sand

OPI Make Him Mine Liquid Sand

In the world of nail polish, matte, shimmer, creme, and glitter are no longer sufficient to entice us beauty addicts to buy. In response, the ever-innovative OPI has been releasing new and gimmicky nail polish finishes in an attempt to coax our dollars out of our pockets. One of the latest in this line of gimmicky finishes is liquid sand.

Liquid sand is a difficult finish to describe, and the only word I can find that accurately encompasses it is sandy. It isn’t glossy, and it actually has a textured finish, kind of like a glitter that doesn’t have a clear polish as a base.

The liquid sand polishes have been around for a little bit, but several were released en masse with the Mariah Carey Christmas collection. I wasn’t interested enough in any of the shades to get any around Christmas, but a sale at my local Trade Secrets piqued my interest. And I came across ‘Make Him Mine’. Ever since the OPI Katy Perry collection’s ‘Teenage Dream’, I’ve been looking for a gorgeous pink glitter (because, sadly, my bottle of that is almost done…and it retails for $25 per bottle on eBay). This colour is very similar to that, but of course, it’s all sandy.

At first, it was super weird having texture on my nails. They kept catching on things and it was scary and uncomfortable. Eventually, though, I got used to it. The light pink shade of ‘Make Him Mine’ works almost as a metallic neutral on the nails…so pretty!

The wear time was probably better than most OPI polishes on me because it lasted for about 5 days. The tip wear by the end was pretty serious, but from far it was still largely intact. I attribute the phenomenal wear-time to the texture of the polish; because it’s so gritty, it’s reluctant to let go of your nails.

I should also note that I wore this polish without a topcoat but with my usual Butter London basecoat. I assume you could easily whip a topcoat on if you want the glitter and colour without the gritty finish.

Another aspect of this polish that impressed me was the ease of removal. Most glitters are a pain in the butt to remove – this one, not so much. It was tougher to remove than your regular creme or glitter polish, but it was easier than any of my glitters.

I’ll definitely be sporting this shade again soon!



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