My Foundation Routine

My Foundation Routine

I don’t wear foundation in the summer, but in the winter, I find my skin gets splotchier and grayer, and I do need it more. Even so, I’ve found ways to cut corners because I don’t like the feeling of foundation all over my face.

Three Foundations

When I want a more perfected complexion, I use Hourglass Immaculate Foundation in the colour ‘Chestnut’. It’s a liquid foundation with a powdery, matte finish that is perfect for very oily skin. Because it’s geared towards oily skin, I only use it on my forehead and nose, as I find it way too drying on my cheeks and chin. On most days that I wear foundation, I only wear this on my forehead and nose and concealer under my eyes.

When I really want to go all out for a full face of foundation – like I did in the photo – I use the Hourglass Immaculate on my nose and forehead, then use Urban Decay Naked Skin everywhere else. I like this in the shade 9 for the winer, but 10 for the summer. It’s more sheer coverage, which I like because I have some moles, freckles, and scars on my cheeks that I think are cute and like to peek through. This works for me because I use my foundation more to even out my skin than to cover spots and such. What’s more, having “imperfections” peek through your foundation also gives it a more real appearance as opposed to mask-like perfection.

Foundation Routine Result

Regardless of which foundation I use, I like to use the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush to apply it. It’s so, so easy to use – just dot the foundation on the face and blend all over with the brush. It makes sure there’s no streaky, unevenness, which you can sometimes get with a conventional foundation brush. I’ve also heard good things about the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, but have yet to give it a try.

It may seem complicated to use two foundations, but I really encourage it for those with combination skin. Different formulas are good for different skin-types, so why not go for two formulas that’ll complement the two types of skin on your face? As always with makeup, don’t be afraid to experiment!



  1. I use two foundations too as I also have combination skin and it works great for me-so I definitely agree that it’s a good idea to experiment! You look gorgeous by the way- really natural and pretty foundation technique 🙂 Very happy to have stumbled across your lovely blog!
    L xo

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