Review: MAC Huggable Lip Colour in ‘Out for Passion’

Mac Huggable 'Out For Passion' cap off

Not long ago, MAC released their Huggable Lip Colour Collection.

I bought into it partly because of the name…I won’t lie. It’s adorable! “Huggable” is a fantastic word.

The other reason I purchased one is because of the claims. A moisturizing lipstick with shiny, buildable colour? Sign me up!

One downside to the range – which I think is limited edition – is the colour selection. There really isn’t a lot going on, and for my skintone personally, I found it tough to choose a shade.

Mac Huggable 'Out For Passion' hand swatch

I ended up going with the colour ‘Out for Passion’. It’s an intimidating-looking coral-y pink that is really more manageable than it looks. On the lips, it gives me just enough colour to liven things up a bit without the stickiness of a gloss or the fuss of a full-on lipstick.

It is more moisturizing than a regular lipstick – it feels like a balm – but doesn’t give me long-term hydration. Then there’s the smell – the classic, vanilla-y MAC lipstick smell. There’s something so comforting I find about it.

Mac Huggable 'Out For Passion' lip swatch

Overall, it’s a lovely product, and I’m pleased to have it in my collection. I wouldn’t rush out to purchase more, though, simply because I think it’s dupable in the drugstore (hello, Revlon Lip Butters) and the colour selection in the range isn’t that great. If you’re interested in trying one, though, I’d definitely recommend one!


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