The Do-Not-Buy List Vol. 1

The Do-Not-Buy List

With a beauty obsession hobby comes the inevitability of not liking products. Luckily, most high-end stores like Sephora have phenomenal return policies where even if you’ve opened a product and tried it, they will take it back if it didn’t work out for you.

As a result of this return policy, I don’t actually have most of the products I regret buying, as I’ve taken them back and exchanged them for products I now love. Nonetheless, here’s my cautionary tale: the products I would not recommend. (Do note that these products might work for you – they just didn’t work for me!)

The first is Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. This product is fairly new, and I picked it up just after Christmas. It’s a hydrating lanolin-based lip mask – the first of its kind on the market, as far as I know. I found it sticky, which I might have been able to get over if it had actually worked. But nope. It made my lips dry and flaky, like the product was just sitting on top sucking the moisture away. Ick.

A similar product is the Dior Crème de Rose. I actually managed a review on this before I took it back, and in that review I expressed my disappointment that this cult favourite didn’t work for me. It might work for you, but I like Chapstick better than I like this stuff. Seriously.

One super weird product was the Benefit Fake Up Concealer. It looks like one of those super moisturizing two-part lipsticks, but with skin-colour in the middle. It’s supposed to be a really hydrating under-eye concealer…and that it is. However, I found it so hydrating that it never actually set under my eyes (not even with powder) which left it tacky all day. This moisture under my eyes made my mascara and eyeliner smudge and bleed. Ew. It went back.

Another product that really didn’t work for me is the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation. I heard great things about this product back when Taylor Swift was the main CoverGirl, so I picked it up. I found that the shade selection was really odd, so I couldn’t match myself perfectly. But beside that, my main grievance was the smell. This foundation smells strongly of artificial cucumber – I say artificial because the smell of actual cucumbers doesn’t bug me, but that fake cucumber smell drives me nuts. Insta-headache. I hear this foundation is discontinued, which is sad for the people who really liked it, but I say good riddance.

Finally, the Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Polish in Fluorescent Beige really let me down. I really liked the colour – I’ve never seen a beige with pink and purple iridescence in any other brand. But this chipped less than 12 hours after I applied it, and it wasn’t like I was doing construction work or anything heavy-duty. But I’ve heard great reviews about it, so clearly it’s working for other people, which perplexes me.

And that’s it for now!



  1. I’m glad you warned me about the under eye benefit concealer! It’s a product that has intrigued me for a while, but reading some reviews has convinced me to avoid it haha. Nice post x

    • Maybe try it in-store? It’s a really great premise, but maybe if the ring of moisture were thinner and the actual pigment were thicker, it would be less tacky and work out better.

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