‘The Hunger Games’ Cinna-Inspired Look

Cinna Look Comparison Collage

I only recently watched The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, so I’m super late into the whole fandom. Also, I got the opportunity in one of my classes to give a presentation on Marxist undercurrents in The Hunger Games, which was an analysis that I had a lot of fun with. Needless to say, I’ve had THG on the brain.

In any case, despite his small amount of screen-time, Cinna is probably my favourite character. I love that he uses his talent to contribute to the rebellion, whether he knows it or not. That takes its own kind of bravery. Character analysis aside, I feel like his makeup look is bold and unique enough to fit the dystopian setting, but it isn’t Effy-style over-the-top. Of all the substantial-makeup-wearing characters, his look is probably the most wearable in day-to-day life.

Gold is a flattering colour for me and therefore one of my favourites to wear, so I had to give the gold liner look a try.

Products I used

I used Sephora brand liquid liner in the colour Metallic Gold. It wasn’t overly expensive; I didn’t want to spend a lot on gold liner because this isn’t something I’ll be wearing daily or anything like that. I also used my new favourite black liquid liner, the Lancôme ArtLiner.

Cinna Look Closeup

I started with a thin gold line close to the lashline – gold liner will get on your lashes, but that’s okay. I gradually thickened the line, keeping it thin on the inner and outer corners. You can adjust the shape of the liner for your eye. I like the thick-in-the-middle, thin-at-the-corners look because it makes my almond-shaped eyes look rounder.

The Sephora liner is pigmented, but I could still see brush strokes after one coat, so I waited for it to dry before going in with a second coat right over the first.

Gold liner by itself doesn’t add any definition to the eyes, so I went in with black liquid liner super close to the lashline once the gold had dried. It’s important to keep the line super thin, because the focus is still the gold.

To get rid of any gold traces on my lashes, I loaded up with mascara using my usual layering routine, but I used Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara as my second-coat mascara.

I kept the rest of my face super simple, with my usual foundation routine and my CoverGirl Queen Collection Bronzer. I’ve got Benefit Rockateur on the cheeks and Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Passion on my lips.

That’s it for my Cinna-inspired look!


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