Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation


Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation has been touted as a dupe for Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation; the fonts are even similar, and of course the names are, too. However, I do find that they are quite different.

Both are excellent foundation options. I’d say both give a semi-matte finish: not too dewy, but for someone like me with combination skin, it still requires powdering.

Revlon Nearly Naked on

In terms of coverage, Revlon’s offer clearly delivers more; however, it does feel like you’re wearing makeup. (So much for the ‘naked’ claim.) Urban Decay’s gives lighter coverage, but really does feel weightless – that’s really the only formula difference that I can think of. Revlon’s is decidedly heavier in terms of coverage and overall feeling.

The other difference is obviously the packaging. As you can see here, Urban Decay’s package is sleek and comes in a plastic bottle. It also has a pump. Revlon’s is pump-less in its clean glass bottle, which is a significant drawback for me; I hate having to dump the product onto my hand or finger before applying it. I feel like it offers much less control.

One thing that is nice about both ranges is the fantastic colour range. As someone who cannot find her shade in drugstore foundations (I’m looking at you, Bourjois Healthy Mix and Rimmel Wake Me Up), I really appreciate that I can find a match in Nearly Naked and that it isn’t even the darkest shade they make.

Overall, I’d use Revlon’s Nearly Naked on days where I want more coverage – perhaps for special occasions – because it’s my heaviest-coverage foundation, but still looks reasonably natural.


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