The Bright Nail Edit

Bright Nails

I love bright colours on my toes. I rarely wear them on my fingers, but I’m all about the bright toenails. It’s probably because I think feet are gross and I feel the need to disguise that grossness by any means possible.

Whether you’re into brights on your tips or toes, with spring coming (taking her sweet time, but coming nonetheless…) it’ll soon be time to start hauling out the brights. If you’re like me, though, then the brights never really left, and you’ve been wearing them all throughout the cold months anyhow.

These are some of my favourite bright colours, and the ones I apply and reapply constantly! (Note the red/pink/orange trend…)

Bright Nails Swatches

  • Formula X for Sephora’s “Curiosity” is a shade I’ve gone on and on about. It’s such a lovely formula, and the perfect classic red for my skintone. It’s a really classy shade that lasts more than a week on fingers and two weeks on toes.
  • Chanel’s “Suspicious” is probably the most pigmented polish I own. It’s a deep raspberry that’s opaque and streak-free in a single coat, but I always do two to ensure longevity. The brush is a dream to use and the formula is just unbelievable.
  • Essie’s “Bottle Service” I believe was limited edition in a summer collection this past year. Nonetheless, there are lots of colours like it out there. It’s a true neon, meaning it not only packs a colourful punch, but requires layering over a white to do so and the finish is matte. I usually go with two layers of white polish, two to three layers of colour, and then a layer of topcoat for this colour. It’s an amazing bright pink that reminds me of beachy, barefoot summer days.
  • Nicole by OPI’s “Find Your Passion” is the type of shade that I’m drawn to in multiple lines. It reminds me of a subdued version of OPI’s Cajun Shrimp, which I love. It’s a pretty coral that requires a few coats to be opaque and doesn’t last too long, but the colour is so pretty that I love it anyway.
  • Essie’s Tart Deco is by far the most subdued shade here. It’s a very unique shade that walks the line between a pastel and a bright, which you’d think would be strange but actually works out quite well. It’s a creamy not-quite-peach, not-quite-orange that’s super flattering on skin with yellow undertones.
  • Finally, Essie’s “Fear or Desire” is a bold, true orange that was super on-trend last summer. It’s a nice change from my usual reds, pinks, and corals, and makes for a funky statement on the toes. Again, I believe this shade was limited edition, but it isn’t so unique that you couldn’t find dupes for it in other brands. Sephora by Formula X – whose formula I totally stand by – makes one called “Incandescent” that looks similar.

    And that’s it – my must-haves if you’re into bright polish.

    What are your favourite brights?

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