The Nail Care Edit

Nail Care Edit

Nail care is a necessity no matter what your age, sex, gender, or stage of life. However, it can be easier or more difficult depending on what you use to tackle the task. Today I’m sharing my essential tools and products for caring for my nails.

The first product is the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. This is a gel that you can get at the drugstore for just a few dollars that softens cuticles. In that respect, the name is a little misleading, because it isn’t going to remove your cuticles (nor do you necessarily want to). However, within a minute of being on my cuticles, it does soften them substantially!

I then go in with my Quo cuticle pushy thing (that’s the technical term, don’t you know). It’s a metal cuticle pusher, which I know you’re not supposed to use because it can create cuts and such, leading to infection. The pros recommend an orangewood stick or a plastic-tipped cuticle pusher. I don’t bother with those because I just don’t find them as effective as the metal one. I’m super careful with this and haven’t had any issues with it. I also has a lovely hook on the opposite end to clean under nails.

Next, I give my nails a wipe with a dry cotton pad to get the cuticle gel off. Then I go in with my Sephora Cuticle Nippers and trim any hangnails or crazy-looking bits of skin. It’s important not to go around and trim the entire cuticle off, because again, that can open up the nail bed to infection. Ew.

I use Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil to moisturize my cuticles while I clip my nails with my Tweezerman Nail Clippers. I searched far and wide for some clippers like these. They’re not like ordinary nail clippers because they’re completely straight, which means they cut the nail straight across rather than at a curve. This is great for preventing ingrown nails, but because I like my nails squared off, I use it to shape the nail before I even go in with a nail file. Easy peasy.

When I do file, I use a glass file. This one I got from Trade Secrets from a brand called Silk Line, but virtually every brand makes one. Glass files are great because they never lose their grit like emery boards, and they seal the edge of the nail which makes it less likely to split.

To further smooth the edge of the nail (and the tops of any ridges), I buff with my white buffing block. Again, I got this from Trade Secrets, but they carry them everywhere. I like one with a very fine grit so that I have more control over the buffing.

And that’s it! If I’m going to paint my nails, I clean them off with some acetone before applying my base coat. In any case, these are my essentials for keeping my nails trim and tidy.


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