Review: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Origins Drink Up Intensive

It’s around this time of year that my skin starts to get the dry flakies.

I’ve got combination skin, but I tend to get dry around my mouth and nose, while my forehead remains an oilslick (less of an oilslick right now, but as a general rule, yeah).

I’ve been turning to this mask to help combat that. At first, the idea of an overnight mask creeped me out a bit – would it mean I’d have to sleep on my back like a mummy? Because that is not for me. I’m a tummy sleeper, thank you very much.

Origins Drink Up Intensive is different from what I thought it would be, and different from anything else I own, for that matter. It’s a super thick mask that smells like apricots. It has hyaluronic acid in it, which is an acid that the skin produces on its own (in smaller quantities) to helps seal in moisture.

I apply this every few nights just like I would a normal night cream. Depending on how my skin is feeling, I use anywhere from a pea-sized amount to a dime-sized amount, but a little goes a very long way.

As soon as I rub it in, I can feel it start to sink in and do its thing. It does leave the skin slightly tacky – it is a mask, after all – but by morning, that’s gone, and my skin looks plump and hydrated and glowing.

I would definitely recommend this mask. And as far as masks go, at $28, it’s fairly affordable!

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