Nails Inc “Porchester Square” (aka Why Buffy Would be Proud)

Nails Inc Porchester Square swatch

I’m not going to lie: in terms of nail polish, I live according to WWBD: What Would Buffy Do?

I really don’t care that that means thinking back to what a person might wear in the 90’s because I was obsessed with the show growing up and am still trying to fill the void left by its finale.

Buffy was one of my earliest heroes and style icons. She wore some pretty out-there nail colours, and her spiky early-2000s hair was super cool.

Nails Inc’s “Porchester Square” has always reminded me of something Buffy would wear, and with good reason. A quick Google Images search produced the following picture:


The colours are pretty similar: a purplish grey cream, with hers being slightly darker. I like it because it works well as a neutral without being a nude.

The brush is average, and because the bottle has a very wide and round top, it’s a little hard to work with. I still prefer an OPI brush or a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure brush.

My only problems with it are that the full size is super expensive – as you can see, I’ve got the mini – and the formula isn’t the most long-wearing. It chipped on me after three days, which isn’t what you’d expect out of a $10+ polish (although I didn’t pay that – this mini came in a kit). They do make a ‘gel-effect’ version of this shade, which is even pricier but perhaps has better staying power.

Overall, though, I think Buffy’d approve.


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