Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion

Hourglass wide shot
In the summer, I saved up and bought an Ambient Lighting Powder and it is one of the best makeup items I’ve purchased. It really makes a difference in how my skin looks.

So when I found out about the Ambient Lighting Blushes, I knew I wanted one. I had a hard time spending $40+ on one blush, but I had a cream blush that I wanted to return anyhow, so that took a few dollars off the price.

And am I ever glad that I got this.

Hourglass closeup

It’s a baked powder on a tile, much like the Ambient Powders. These, however, have blush pigment swirled with Ambient Powder pigment – for example, Dim Infusion is a coral blush swirled with Dim Light Ambient Powder.

A lot of people don’t really understand these blushes, so a lot of the reviews weren’t all that helpful. However, Josh Collier works for Hourglass; as such, his review was very handy in helping me decide whether I would actually use one of these blushes and use it properly.

What I find with this product is that it’s not a highlighting blush at all. It isn’t super shimmery, nor is it extremely pigmented. You can swirl your brush in the whole product several times before applying and still not look overdone.

Hourglass on face

(Excuse the eye bags. I was up until 2 the night before waiting to see if my professors were going on strike.)

The look I get with it is a very natural one. It adds colour and dimension to my face without looking like I’m wearing blush. It looks like I’m just naturally a little bit flushed. I find that I can even wear this when I’m not wearing much makeup without looking overdone.

Overall, if you can go into the store and try this out, do. It’s an amazing blush and, in my opinion, completely worth the money if you get a shade that you’re a big fan of. Somewhere down the line, I might try Mood Exposure and see how that works for me. However, I’m completely content with Dim Infusion – it’s a unique coral that I don’t have anywhere else in my collection!



  1. Great post

  2. I’ve been eyeing these for awhile, but I was concerned they’d be too shimmery. Thanks so much for this review! You’ve really helped me out.

  3. Lovely photos, Amanda! I bought 2 shades from the line but not Dim Infusion. I find it a little too light for me but it sure looks nice on you! 🙂

    • Thanks Jaa! That’s high praise coming from you 🙂 I love this blush, actually. It’s way lighter than anything I’d go for normally, but it’s the perfect no-blush-blush.

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