How I Wash My Brushes

Washing Brushes

Washing makeup brushes is important in taking care of your face, your makeup, and the brushes themselves.

Brushes are a haven for dirt, sebum, and acne-causing bacteria. Using dirty brushes can redeposit that bacteria on your face and in your makeup, where it will breed and cause breakouts.


When washing your brushes, you want to use something that’ll cleanse them gently so as not to cause any damage.

I’d recommend deep-cleansing your brushes weekly. I try to make it a Sunday ritual, but it can be tedious.

I used to use plain old dish detergent, but found that that wasn’t gentle enough. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – or the store-brand equivalent – is what I’ve been using lately. It’s gentle but effective, although I certainly wouldn’t want to use it on my hair – it’s quite stripping!

A neat little item that’s great for getting brushes clean is the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. Now, when it came out, I laughed. Because it’s an oven-mitt. A $35 oven-mitt. I get the premise behind it – giving you a surface with some grit to lather up, rinse, and smooth out your brushes – but I just wasn’t buying it.

When I ordered my Sigma brush set back in the Fall, though, I got a little sample swatch thing of some of the textures on the Spa Glove. It’s tiny, but it’s effective – and it was free.

Sigma vs oven-mitt

I’m not sure Sigma is still running the same gift with purchase, so a free little swatch of their glove might be out of the question. If you’re interested in the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove but not in the price tag, get an oven-mitt. No, really. A silicone oven-mitt won’t have the same “variety of necessary textures”, but it’ll give you a gritty, waterproof, latherable surface for around $5 instead of $35.

Between deep-cleanses, there’s always the spot clean (for which I use a homemade spot cleaning solution). Spot cleaning gets rid of one colour from a brush and some of the bacteria, as well, so you can continue to use it.


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