Review: Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Real Techniques is yet another brand released by a beauty blogger that has taken the beauty world by storm. Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo are responsible for these brushes. As I peek over at my makeup brush jars, I realize that I have quite a few of them in my collection and that they figure quite prominently into my daily makeup routine.

And it’s no wonder why. They average at about $10 per brush. When you consider that a MAC brush – formerly considered the brush be-and-end-all – will cost you at least $20, Real Techniques is a bargain.

Not only that, but the quality is great. I’ve had some of mine for years without any visible signs of wear and tear. They’re all duo-fibre synthetic brushes, which makes them exceptionally versatile for use with cream, liquid, or powder products.

The Beyoncé of the range has to be the Buffing Brush. It is raved about in the beauty community, but due to its limited availability, I had never tried it. You see, it’s only available as part of the Core Collection, which – depending where you look for it – can cost $30 or more. When you consider that it comes with four brushes, it’s quite a good deal, but that’s just a lot to splash out on makeup brushes all at once.

Recently, though, Real Techniques brushes have been popping up in the beauty section of Winners. When I went in last week, I saw the Core Collection for $15.

Yes, that means I finally got a chance to try the buffing brush.

I use it the same way I would my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush; however, it’s a lot less dense and stiff than that brush. Like the Urban Decay one, the Real Techniques brush blends foundation flawlessly with no brushstrokes in sight. The bristles are less densely packed and fan out more, which affords a sheerer application of both liquid and powder foundations. I like this because I don’t wear a lot of foundation to begin with, so I do like a sheer application. When I do want to build it up, however, the Real Techniques brush gives me the control to do so.

I really do wish that this brush were available on its own. The rest of the core collection is nice; I’ve been testing a few of the other brushes, too. But if like me you are only really interested in the one brush, $30 is a lot to spend for it. If you can find it at Winners, though, then it’s definitely worth it!


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