Origins GinZing Duo

Origins GinZing Eye Cream and Moisturizer

Some products are such an integral part of my routine that I simply overlook them and don’t mention them.

Origins GinZing Moisturizer and Eye Cream* are such products.

The basic premise behind both products is simple: brightening. Dark spots , dark circles, and general dullness are my major skincare concerns, and these products are designed to address that.

Origins GinZing Eye

GinZing Eye Cream is one of the most unique eye creams I’ve ever encountered. It has a pinkish tint to it with reflective – but not shimmery – mica particles that melt into the skin and reflect light. This diminishes the appearance of my dark circles right away, and I find that I use less under-eye concealer as a result. It also has caffeine and ginseng in it, which work to depuff the under-eye area if you’ve got any puffiness under there.

It’s fairly pricey for an eye cream – close to $40 – but I’ve been using the same pot of it for nearly a year because it’s meant exclusively for AM use and a little goes a long way. With that in consideration, I’d say it’s worth the dough.

Origins GinZing moisturizer

Now we progress from the pricey end of the skincare spectrum to the more reasonable. Origins GinZing Moisturizer is an oil-free moisturizing gel that smells like a stroll through an orange grove. It’s supposed to brighten and “energize” the skin – how exactly one can tell one’s skin is energized, I’m not entirely sure. But what I love about it is that it delivers super light hydration, making it the perfect moisturizer for oily skin or combination skin that leans oily in the summer. I also love that the price is around $30 – very, very reasonable for a high-end moisturizer!

If you’re concerned about dark spots, dark circles, and/or have oilier skin, this duo is definitely worth a try.


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