Nars Matte Multiple in ‘Exumas’

NARS Matte Multiple Exumas

I remember when Nars released their first round of Multiples. I was really into Orgasm blush back then – to this day it remains the only blush I’ve ever hit pan on. But I remember looking at the Orgasm Multiple and thinking, “holy glittercakes, Batman.”

Okay so maybe I didn’t really think that, but I never really found most of the original Multiples all that appealing because they are full of glitter.

NARS Matte Multiple Exumas Swatch

The Matte Multiples are exciting because they are, well, non-glittery. I wouldn’t call them completely matte, because they still leave a touch of dewiness behind, but there is not a trace of glitter to be found. I got the shade Exumas because I’m not feeling pink cheeks at the moment; corals are where it’s at for me.

I absolutely love the shade; since it’s an orangey-coral, it really works with the yellow in my skintone and looks soft and natural.


As for application, well, it doesn’t get much easier than this, folks. Once I’m done my base, I just swipe the stick on my cheeks up towards my temples. Then I use my Real Techniques Contour Brush to blend, but any synthetic bristle brush’ll do if you want to go the brush route. I say if you want to because the gentleman at the Nars counter didn’t use a brush when he applied this on me; he just used his fingers to blend. That takes a tool out of the equation and really simplifies things! Plus, the heat from your fingers makes blending even easier than it already is.

I’ve tried this as a lipstick, and it’s doable, but I’m not crazy about the shade – on the lips, it just makes me look washed-out and weird.

The only perplexing thing about the Matte Multiples is that you get exactly half the amount of product in an original Multiple for the same (exorbitant) price. Wayne Goss made a video about it, but essentially, Nars’s reasoning is that the product in the original Multiples would go bad before anyone could finish it. Which makes sense, because cream products’ll turn much faster than a powder will. But if that’s the case, as Wayne said, Nars should’ve lowered the price – ideally by half! – if they were going to give you half the amount of product.



  1. Looks really fresh on you, glad you liked it.

    I’m wondering if luxury cosmetics companies are really hurting for money or what. I really like smaller portions. I don’t have much, but less product makes adding to the collection slightly more justifiable. But the price point is just silly — unfortunately for me, it’s a no just for that reason…

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