The Face Shop Konjac Cleansing Sponge

Konjac sponge

Maybe a year ago, Boscia released a konjac cleansing sponge that became a bit of a best seller at Sephora. It’s basically a sponge made of konjac root (also known as devil’s tongue jelly) that you can use to clean your face. Like so many effective and interesting beauty products, the konjac sponge got its start in Asia. Those factors combined had me instantly intrigued, but the price tag was discouraging. Really? $22 for a sponge that’s only supposed to last two months? No thanks.

But soon enough, knockoffs started to pop up everywhere. I saw Quo had one, and I saw them on eBay, too. The price was steadily coming down, but still not where I wanted it.

I was in The Face Shop the other day picking up some more delightful sheet masks when I spied a konjac sponge in the skincare tools section. The best part? It was $4. Bitchin’.

The whole point of the sponge is to detoxify, balance pH, and deep cleanse…all while being gentle enough to use all over the face, even on the eye area.

I was skeptical, but I have to say that it’s really lovely. It’s so soft and squishy, and actually feels nice on my eyes. Cleansing with it leaves my skin feeling clean but comfortable. It’s not as deep a clean as I get from my Clarisonic, because when I tone afterwards, there’s still dirt left on the cleansing pad, but it’s gentler on the skin. The sponge also gives a more thorough cleanse than just using my hands.

What I like this for is a morning cleanse. It’s amazing for getting rid of nighttime oil, dirt, and products to leave my face clean and clear for makeup.

If you have a The Face Shop near you, this is definitely worth a try. And at 4 bucks, on the off chance you’re not crazy about it, it’s not a huge investment!



  1. Good tip off on a konjac for a good price 🙂
    I’ll check it out next time I’m around.

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