How I Clarify My Hair

Lush I Love Juice Shampoo

I do my best to avoid sulfates in my hair. Curly hair is dry as it is, and sulfates just strip it even more.

Why, then, would I use a product with sodium alkyl sulfate as the second ingredient? Simple: to clarify.

Even no poo heads need the poo every so often, especially if you continue to use products with light silicones in them, like I do. You can end up with product buildup that, try as it might, cleansing conditioners and no-lather shampoos just can’t cut through.

I’ll go in with an apple cider vinegar rinse whenever I wash my hair, but I find that even that doesn’t get my hair squeaky clean. So once every 4-6 weeks, I use Lush’s I Love Juicy Shampoo.

This stuff is heavy duty; it is, after all, marketed for oily hair. It has a buttload of fruit extracts to cut through the dirt and grime. Plus, with mango, papaya, kiwi, and pineapple, it smells amazing.

The only downside is that it does leave my hair pretty crispy afterwards; that’s why I always use extra coconut oil in my pre-wash treatment and condition twice (or deep condition) afterwards. It’s also why I use it sparingly, only once a month at most. I wouldn’t recommend it any more than that unless your hair is like, Severus Snape greasy.

For what I use it for, though, it does the trick. A teeny tiny bottle is $10, but I’ve had this bottle for about a year because a little goes a long way. Worth it.


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