The Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wishes

It feels like the year just started, but really, I turn 21 in three weeks.
My mom seems to have found my Christmas Wish List interesting and helpful, and she asked if I’d do a birthday version. So here we are.

Bath and Body Works’ Market Peach range is the stuff of legend in the beauty blogger community. This year, they came out with not only the three-wick candle, but the matching mason jar candle, wallflower bulb, lip balm, lip butter, body cream, and hand soap. I only bought a candle the last time I was in, buuuut it’s almost half done because I love it. I’m moving soon and want my new room to smell amazing all the time. Market Peach 5eva.

– Gift cards to my favourite stores, because I am super boring. I will likely be needing a few t-shirts and dresses this summer. Last summer I stocked up on shorts, so I’m good for those assuming they still fit. My favourite t-shirts come from The Gap, and you can get some surprisingly cute stuff if you’re patient enough to scour the young-people-section of The Bay. Sephora is amazing and fun and my favourite ever – plus I’ll be needing some new skincare bits soonish. Need I say more?

– I was in Chapters a little while ago and they had a Game of Thrones display, which included this cute bobblehead figurine of Daenerys Targaryen. She’s my favourite ASOIAF/GOT character, and I think she’d be cute on my desk.

– Since starting this blog and actually kind of learning how my DSLR works, I’ve been getting into photography. I’d like to try out a camera lens that blurs backgrounds in photos and videos and such (because I may or may not have YouTube aspirations…). The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens seems like a reasonably priced way to do that!

– Finally, another photography item – a remote. Sometimes, when I’m taking blog pictures of myself applying things like here, it’s a little tricky to time and frame things right with the timer. A remote like the Rocketfish Remote Wireless Shutter Control would let me snap the photo with one hand while applying products with the other.

And that is it! I know it might seem odd that there are no makeup products on my list, but I picked up quite a few of the things I wanted in the Sephora sale a few weeks ago – so I genuinely can’t think of anything on my list!

*Note: none of the photos in this post are mine. Click links in the description to view the source!


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