Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Super Self-Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask

S&G Self Heating Mask

I love self-heating masks. I’m not sure why – they just fascinate me. It’s such a brilliant concept – something that warms up is bound to open up pores and clean deep down in them better, right? So far, that’s what I’ve found!

Although I really like the Bioré charcoal self-heating masks, I found the value a little discouraging – $11 for a product you can only use 4 times seems unreasonable, especially considering that you need to use it for prolonged periods of time to keep seeing results. I was determined to find an alternative.

And I did.

Soap & Glory’s No Clogs Allowed is pretty fantastic. It comes in a tube, which is much more practical than individual packets. It heats up quicker than the packets and for a shorter period of time; aside from that, the effects are almost identical. Same level of heat, same cooling-tingling sensation afterwards, and an almost identical result. The only difference in results between the two is that the Bioré version clears out pores more noticeably the first time, but they fill back up with gunk rather quickly. The S&G option takes a few uses to get everything out, which I’m totally okay with because you get more product for your money anyhow.

As per usual, Soap & Glory knock it out of the park.


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