Better Call Backup


I recently went into my backup stash to grab a mascara, and I thought I’d give you a peek at what products I love too much to ever be without. Read more!

Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare thumbnail

After a few requests and questions about my skincare, I’ve made a video about everything I do before the makeup goes on!
Read more!

The 5-Minute Face Revisited

The 5-Minute Face my face Read more!

The Face Mist That Shouldn’t Work But Does

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Last year, the blogosphere was abuzz with rave reviews for Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It’s a facial mist with a spalike smell attributed to a bunch of different waters and essential oils. I opted out of it largely because a quick spritz in Sephora made me feel (and look!) Severus Snape-level greasy. I figured it wasn’t for my combo skin, so I passed. Read more!

(Really Easy) Leopard Print Nail Art


This nail art look is really, ridiculously easy, and you can do it with colours that you probably already have. If you don’t nip out and buy a brown (or black, or both) acrylic paint from the Dollar Store. I only use mine for this look, but it works as well as a polish would!

The Mascara Trifecta

Mascara Trifecta

Mascara Trifecta double closeup

It’s no secret that I like to layer my mascaras. I’ve never been able to find one that does everything I want it to do; my thin, poker-straight lashes need volume, length, and help holding a curl. My current trio of mascaras includes two newbies and an old favourite, and together they’re working wonders on my lashes. Read more!

The Importance of Going Barefaced

No makeup. No retouching. Nada.

This might be a bit of an odd post. It doesn’t feature any products or techniques, and in fact discusses a bit of a polarizing topic: going barefaced.

Remember on Facebook a few months ago when the whole No Makeup Selfie thing was circulating? Donation controversy aside, it was then that I realized how many of my friends really do wear makeup on a daily basis. Some of these friends would wear foundation and concealer so brilliantly sneakily that I didn’t notice they even had it on. Read more!

The Lip Product Addict Tag


I’ve filmed the Lip Product Addict Tag, complete with swatches of everything I talked about.

The Body Shop Body Sorbet

The Body Shop Body Sorbet Satsuma

The Body Shop has gone sorbet cray for summer, with sorbet for face and body. More on the former later; more on the latter now. Read on!

What’s On My Face #1 | New Things

womf1 stuff

Womf 1 face copy

Some days, I think, “Wow, my makeup looks pretty nice today. I wish I were doing a blog post so everyone could see, but I don’t have anything to post about!” I’ve recently realized how silly that is; isn’t showing you pretty makeup enough?

So I decided to start a What’s On My Face (WOMF?) series. This first post I’m dedicating to a few new things that I’ve picked up over the past month or so and haven’t had a chance to blog about just yet. Read on to see what they are!