How I Cleared Up My Skin

Skin Saviours

During all of May, my skin seriously misbehaved. It must be the change to warmer weather (and more oil). I’m spoiled in the sense that I’m not breakout-prone regularly, so I was a real baby about it. Complaining all the time and wondering when they’d go away…yep, all that.

It didn’t really get better until I introduced a few new products – and an old favourite – into my nighttime routine. Trying new products on angry skin was a risky move, but I was feeling desperate gutsy and, luckily, the risk paid off.

Murad Clarifying Mask // This is very similar to the Origins Out of Trouble Mask in the consistency, how it reacts on the skin, and the sulphury smell. The difference is that the Murad is more expensive and, oddly enough, way more effective. I never saw results with the Origins mask, but I really did with Murad. This is the first Murad product I’ve tried, and I’m impressed.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir // I want to do a more in-depth post on this one. It’s a very popular face mist because of its refreshing and soothing benefits, but it contains a lot of irritating ingredients (like alcohol and essential oils), so I was skeptical. Again, though, I was desperate and feeling bold, so I picked it up. It was amazing for calming down my skin and reducing inflammation. I use it after my toner and before my serums.

Origins Make A Difference Plus Moisturizing Treatment // This is the gel/”for oily skin” version of the moisturizer I love for the winter. The whole Make A Difference line is geared towards hydration, so this one is meant for oily but dehydrated skin. And boy, does that describe my skin. I especially find that acne treatments (like the Murad mask and the Origins Super Spot Remover) can be drying. My acne usually hits a dry flaky stage a few days in that makes it SUPER hard to conceal without looking cakey. This helped reduce that flakiness and speed the healing process. The best part is that more hydration = less scarring where the spots once were. And I’m all for that.

Origins Super Spot Remover * // I’m on my second or third little bottle of this, and I have a backup waiting in the wings because it is so good. This is my favourite spot treatment, and because it’s salicylic acid, it also works to fade scarring after the active have healed. I mentioned in my May Favourites that it’s also great at stopping budding pimples in their tracks – I’m always amazed by how well it does that.

As with all skincare, get a sample (and you should be able to from an Origins counter or a Sephora) to make sure the product agrees with you. But seriously – these products saved my skin. /dramatic

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