The Face Mist That Shouldn’t Work But Does

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Last year, the blogosphere was abuzz with rave reviews for Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It’s a facial mist with a spalike smell attributed to a bunch of different waters and essential oils. I opted out of it largely because a quick spritz in Sephora made me feel (and look!) Severus Snape-level greasy. I figured it wasn’t for my combo skin, so I passed.

In addition to that, some of the ingredients in the Beauty Elixir are things that I would avoid. The second ingredient is alcohol, which tends to be both drying and irritating to the skin. As previously mentioned, it has a literal ton of essential oils – specifically rosemary leaf oil, peppermint oil, balm mint oil, and damask rose oil.

It’s simple. Alcohol + essential oils = dry, irritated skin. Right?

Apparently not.

Josh Collier is a YouTuber with oily, breakout-prone skin that he somehow manages to keep looking glowy and clear. He’s also ingredients-savvy; he pays attention to what he puts on his face. In a recent empties video, he showed a few bottles of this stuff, citing that it really helped to calm down angry skin. He also expressed some wariness about all the alcohol and essential oils. His review was essentially that the ingredients in this should make it a nightmare for your skin, but it’s actually dreamy.

Last month, my skin was in a sorry state, as you know. In desperation, I bought this. And I genuinely believe that it helped.

I only use it at night, as I try to stick to oil-free products during the day to avoid the Snape effect. I shake it, then spritz it on after toner but before moisturizer. It smells heavenly – so calming and delicious. And the results. It’s helped get rid of annoying bumps, even the big angry ones. It’s also helped diminish my dehydration lines on my forehead.

The only thing I dislike about this is the price. I purchased a little 30mL bottle to try it out for $19. I will cringe to go back for the full-size at a whopping $53. Ouch.

But it’s seriously good stuff. It shouldn’t, but it works.

…also, bonus cat pic. 😉

This is Diego. He's annoying but I still love him.



  1. Oh what’s your cat’s name. I have a cat names AJAX

  2. Nice post — it was fun to read (and thanks for the bonus cat pic!).

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