Bold, Matte Liquid Lipstick Done Right


Remember my Sephora Cream Lip Stain fail?

In that post, I mentioned the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets.

These. Are. Incredible.

Rarely do I get so pumped up about a lip product. Rarely. Because aside from nonsticky glosses, I’m not really on the hunt for anything. These guys came out of nowhere to impress the heck out of me. I originally saw ViviannaDoesMakeup talk about them (she’s one of my fave bloggers, in case ya haven’t noticed) and had to pick one up.

Pink Pong, the bright, blue-based pink, is the first one I got. I have never ever worn a colour like this in my life, and – are you ready for a serious confession? – I still haven’t got the guts to wear this outside of my room. But I just love how bright it is and how it pops in contrast to my skin tone. I wouldn’t necessarily call this “flattering” on me, and it’s certainly an attention-grabber, but as they say, eff flattering, right? One day, I will – as my good friend beyondbeautyblogger says – find my comfort in this bold shade.

The second shade I’ve got – and the one I’m super comfortable wearing – is Frambourjoise. First off, I love the name – it is indeed raspberry coloured, and the bilingual play on words giveth me the warm fuzzies. It’s a bright pink that leans quite red, which is I think what makes it so wearable in my mind – this is the sort of pink that I always go for. I posted an Instagram photo of me wearing this at the end of a night out, which brings me to my next point.


The wear time rocks. No touch-ups, 6 hours, and a meal later, it still looks freshly applied. The doe-foot applicator isn’t too spongey, allowing for a super crisp and precise line around the lips. It doesn’t feel drying on, even though it goes on satiny and dries to a matte finish.

But the best part? No lip-mush transfer. Score.

The one thing that makes me angry – of course I’ve always got a complaint, right? – is the price. In the UK, these little gems are high street, or drugstore. In Canada, I’ve found ’em at Shoppers Drugmart for $23, which doesn’t seem drugstore-priced to me (for reference, that’s $4 pricier than a MAC lipstick). I bit the bullet and bought these two full-price…but to round out my collection, I’ll be turning to, which has most of these shades for ~$15USD with free shipping. (I repeat. Free. Shipping.)



  1. I love your gif set! You rock that pink! Those look fairly hydrating for mattes.

  2. Beautiful! I’m loving Peach Club. And they are $13.34 on ASOS right now. Free shipping if your order is over $25.

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