The Recent Repurchases


With so much out there in the beauty world, for me, finishing a product means an opportunity to try something new – to go out there and find the next best (or just new) thing.

But sometimes, there is nothing better.

Such is the case for two products that I recently repurchased. Oddly enough, the story is the same for both of them: I loved them dearly until they became dry, gloopy, and unusable, at which point I tried to shop around for replcacements I liked better. Then I failed, and recently, I caved in and repurchased both…within days of each other.

The first is Essie’s Topless & Barefoot. Scandalous, I know. I’ve spoken about it before, but it’s my perfect nude polish: not too pink, not too brown, not too pale, and certainly not streaky. It’s a thicker formula, so I’m sure that helps.

It is perfection, which is why it’s my go-to polish all year round; if I don’t know what I feel like putting on my nails, or if I have to look professional, this is my pick. I’ve had this bottle for years, and in the past year or so it’s started to go goopy on me, making it difficult and fiddly to apply. I suppose that’s to be expected from any polish after 3-ish years, so I can’t really complain. Still, I’ve made a dent in the bottle – it’s roughly halfway done now that I’ve replaced it.

My other repurchase is MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack. I got this at a MAC warehouse sale so long ago, I can’t even remember when – so I suppose it’s appropriate that it’s dried up, because I probs shouldn’t have been using such an old liner anyway! In any case, this stuff made me fall in love with gel liner – I love the matte look of it, the versatility, and the staying power. Gel is the most intimidating of all liners, and certainly takes some practice to perfect. I find MAC’s — liner brush to be the easiest, and I’d even say I’m pretty quick about it now!

A repurchase is a rare thing for a product junkie like me, especially when it comes to makeup products. That’s why I thought I’d post – it’s big news!

What are some items you repurchase again and again?



  1. beckinablog says:

    MACs Fluidline in Blacktrack is definitely one of my products I always repurchase too. Can’t be without a gel liner!

  2. cosmeticsandcrumbs says:

    I haven’t had to repurchase any of my favorite products yet, but if I did MAC Blacktrack Fluidline would definitely be on the list. Love that stuff so much!

  3. I use maybelline’s gel liner in blackest black, it’s decent, but defs gets smudgey.

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