My Favourite Sephora 500-Point Perk Yet

Origins Kit OutsideOrigins Kit faraway

This post is part review, part public service announcement.

Most high-end beauty lovers know how Sephora’s Beauty Insider works – sign up for free, collect points every time you make a purchase, cash them in for deluxe samples in set increments, and get a bonus birthday gift. I’ve been part of this program for years – I remember when only 100-point samples were available. Since then, they’ve expanded the program so that you can redeem in 250, 500, and even 1000-point increments.

I still remember saving up my points to get a 500-point Tarte kit that I just thought was the coolest ever, but that I ended up never using anything from. I literally gave all the little samples inside to friends (or tossed them) because none of it worked for me. After essentially wasting my hard-won points, I vowed never to cash them in again unless I was 100 per cent sold on what Sephora had to offer.

Since then, I’d accumulated over 1000 points, occasionally cashing them in for 100-point samples here and there.

Recently, Sephora sent out an email about new samples (they refresh them every month or so), and included in said email were two 500-point sets: one by Hourglass (featuring a myriad of foil packets – no thanks), and one by Origins.

And I got excited.

Origins as a brand tends to really work for my skin, so when I saw a kit full of generously-sized products that I already use and love, I was more than ready to part with 500 Beauty Insider points. The value of this kit is just incredible; here’s a breakdown:

Origins Kit closeup copy

GinZing Eye Cream is a phenomenal brightening cream that I’ve used religiously for more than a year. My makeup looks weird without it now. The full-size retails for $37.50, and the sample is 5 ml, which makes this sample worth $12.50.

High-Potency Night-A-Mins is the first designated night cream that I ever tried. I like it because it has salycilic acid in it, which gently decongests the pores and makes for brighter skin in the morning. I use the oil-free version in the summer, and never got around to purchasing the regular version this past winter. I’ll crack this one open out come October, though! The full-size sells for $51 and the sample is 30 ml, which makes this sample worth a whopping $30.60.

Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash is my absolute favourite for summer and early fall. It’s basic, but it gets the job done without leaving places too dry or not-quite-clean-enough. The full-size sells for $25.50, and this sample is 30 ml, which makes it worth $5.10.

Finally, GinZing Moisturizer is one of my favourite summer moisturizers for combination to oily skin – it absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave any greasy residue, and smells like oranges. The full size retails for $32 and the sample is 30 ml, which means the sample is worth $19.20.

That means that this little box is worth $67.40. If you like Origins or think you might like to try them, and happen to have 500 points kicking around your beauty bank, you’ll want to hop over to your local Sephora store and see if they have it because it’s already disappeared online!



  1. I got this set too and love it! Really great value for money (well, I did spend a bunch in Sephora) and I’ve finally got a new night cream that I love.
    The only problem for me is the face wash, since I dislike it.
    What was your favourite in the set?

    • Checks and Balances actually makes a good brush cleaner if you don’t like it for your face! And i cannot live without GinZing eye cream – it’s transformed my makeup!

  2. Which came first, the problem or the soinulot? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

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