The Shave Cream for Those Who Hate Shaving…

EOS Shaving Cream

I hate shaving, I really do. Even in the summer, I really only shave my legs every five days or so because it makes my skin really irritated. Seriously. Every time I’d shave my legs, they’d burn and sting for a day or so afterwards. Awful.

For a while, I was using a Shick Intuition razor because it had moisturizing soap-bar-things built right in, nixing the need for shaving cream. That thing was more of a pain than a conventional razor, and the moisturizing bars did nothing to stop my legs from stinging. Eventually, I went back to my trusty Venus Embrace, but I also picked up a promising shave cream from the drugstore.

It’s the EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss, and it’s very much unlike any shave cream I’ve used before. For starters, it’s actually a cream – it doesn’t foam and lather. It still provides a nice cushion between harsh blades and sensitive skin, but it does it without getting all puffy. It’s also right around the $5 mark, which stings in a different way…

But it’s worth it. It’s so creamy, so moisturizing, and makes shaving much less horrible. My legs are thanking me.

Because $5 is a lot to splash out on a shaving cream, I picked up a mini at Target (in the US) for $1 to ensure that I liked it. If you have that option, I would completely recommend it. If not, I’d still say it’s worth the money to see if you like it!


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