On the Benefits of the Curl Cast


At the end of the summer, I was finding that my DIY flaxseed gel, amazing as it is, just wasn’t providing enough hold. No matter how much I upped my moisture products in my hair, I still couldn’t keep the frizz away. It was time to switch to a firmer hold gel – ideally one that leaves a curl cast. 

A curl cast is that crunchy feeling that any curly-haired person who’s ever used traditional gels and mousses is well familiar with. I like to call it Ramen-noodle hair, because a very firm hold gel will give you some very crunchy hair.

I switched to flaxseed gels because you don’t get that with them – somehow, these watery gels leave hair soft and touchable from day 1. However, by day 2, my nice soft curls have totally frizzed out.

As such, I’ve discovered that the curl cast can actually be your friend – if you use the right gel, that is. If you use a strong-hold gel that doesn’t flake, you can actually scrunch the crunch out of completely dry hair. That way, I end up with all the definition and none of the crunch.

My favourite gel of the moment is the Aussie Aussome Volume Texturizing Gel. I’m hesitant to use anything with “volume” on the bottle, because volume is the last thing I need. But I’m pleased to report that this doesn’t make my hair any bigger. All I get is great hold, no flakiness, and amazing definition. Plus, if I recall correctly, I only paid about $3 for this – which is a welcome break after paying $25+ for gel for years!


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