Wild for Washi


I purchased an Erin Condren Life Planner back in April. As it turns out, this was a terrible time to pick one up because I had a pretty uneventful summer aside from blogging and YouTube. With few appointments to keep up with, no due dates looming overhead, I did not make the most of my ECLP.

September’s come (and almost gone!) and I’ve been determined to turn that around. Inspired by the #plannerenthusiast tag on Instagram, I’ve slowly started collecting washi tape and printable sticker files to print on label paper…all this in hopes of encouraging myself to use my planner. (It’s working!)

Washi tape is the latest craze in the crafting world. A walk through the aisles of Michael’s and it’s impossible to avoid it. Every brand has its own patterns, thicknesses, and colours of the pricey paper-tape phenomenon. Washi hit the North American market a few years ago, and while everybody went cray for it, I deliberately avoided the hype.

Pure cynicism aside, my other reason for avoiding it was the price. One teensy roll will usually cost you a few bucks. Given my usual gotta catch ’em all attitude, I foresaw this becoming an expensive habit.

I’m pleased to say that my first foray into washi actually wasn’t too hard on the wallet.

Michael’s had a 40% off coupon for the Reflections brand of crafting supplies, including washi tape. I purchased the Halloween, teal, grey stripe, and all purple reels of washi for under $10, which I was very impressed with. The leopard print reel (which matches my planner!) is Duck Tape brand and was on sale at Staples for 99 cents.

The washi on the cards came from Ashley Calder’s Etsy shop. She sells washi by the foot for fairly reasonable price, and although it might not be most cost-effective if you want an entire reel of tape, it’s a nice way to try a wide variety of different patterns without breaking the bank.

Long story short, I’m addicted and can’t wait to track down some holiday-themed washi!


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